Keg South Of Kendall – West Kendall, Florida

I’ve been going to Keg South of Kendall for well over 10 years and I have yet to get tired of coming here. I try to turn on as many people to the greatness of this place. And though I’m so in love with the burgers, I do really like the Wings a bunch also.

Alright, not necessarily the Wings themselves but the grilling and spice on them. May wife is a big fan of the Nachos (Chips, Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream, Chili and JalapeƱos). I think it tastes like Nachos you can get at a 7-11.

3/4 lb. Keg Burger

I generally get the 3/4 Pound Burger with Cheddar Cheese and Mayo. Nothing else, the beauty is in its simplicity. The 3/4 Keg Burger is also served with potato chips.

Fresh Cut Fries

I order the fresh cut fries since they’re exceptional. I wouldn’t even bother with Ketchup. And while you’re there if you can fit in some dessert try their Xango. The best explanation I can come up for Xango is a Banana Cheesecake wrapped in Pastry Tortilla and covered in Cinnamon Sugar. You must try it.

Keg South
of Kendall
12805 SW 136th Ave Miami, Fl 33186

Comments (5):

  1. philipsantamaria


    ok so this is the best burger you’ve ever had, then i have to go back. i haven’t been to keg south in about 10 years. maybe i’ll take a stop there for saturday lunch.

  2. Ericka M.


    Ah, Keg South. I love the Nachos there! And who could leave the place without having a delicious Xango?

    Not to mention, it where I discovered my love for Derek, according to you.

  3. Disowned Shocker


    This has to be hands down the best kept secret around town. What place can u find $1 dollar Amberbok, Juicy burgers, and delicious Zangos. Only complaint with the place is the out dated pool and jukebox machine. Other than that i am a repeat customer who holds this place very dear in my heart. And i too found my hidden love for Derick..

  4. Woe


    I gotta check this place out. This damn blog is making me hungry!

  5. MiamiResident


    holy cow, that photo of the wings is insane; looks so good…


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