Arnold’s Royal Castle – Miami, Florida – CLOSED

Wow! This place is open 24 hours. Royal Castle was part of a mighty chain of sliders that existed in the Southern United States but originated in Miami. This location happened to be one of the later restaurants to open (1956).

The last 2 Royal Castles left in Miami are owned by 2 different people. There is Brimberry’s Royal Castle and this one is owned by Wayne Arnold. This location re-opened in early 2009 after a fire 3 years ago that caused it to shut down. Everything is shiny & new at this location (well, the griddle seems to have a lot of flavor going on already).

I ordered their chili, which I was severely disappointed over. I was expecting it to be homemade for some reason. It was served near room temperature and I’m positive that it was Hormel’s.

The fries were ok but seemed to be slightly undercooked. I ordered them with cheese which means I got some nacho cheese over them.

The Burgers/Sliders were great. I liked them a whole lot more than most Sliders I’ve had. I ordered them with Cheese and they had Ketchup, Mustard, Diced Onions, and a Pickle. They are available to purchase individually or in a 6 pack (take a wild guess what I went for). Just an F.Y.I. , I watched them bring fresh batches of patties to cook from the back and they didn’t seem to be frozen.

The funny thing is they serve their own brand of cola called Castle Cola. I, also being a Cola Connoisseur can tell you that it reminds me of a Supermarket brand cola.

Arnold’s Royal Castle also serves Birch Beer for you Root Beer Fanatics.

You may want to stay away from coming here during peak hours like noon. The cooking space is so small that it’s very easy for them to get overwhelmed with orders.

Arnold’s Royal Castle is¬†Closed
12498 NW 7th Avenue  Miami, Fl 33168


Comments (19):

  1. ieattortillas


    Mr. Beast the dirty grill scares me. I don’t think I will be eating at Royal Castle anytime soon. Thanks for posting the pics.

  2. Woe


    Maaaaan, I been there like 9 times since they reopened, including less that 12 hours ago! Love them castleburgers man. I don’t even study Wendy’s across the street.

    A lil advice, call your order in ahead if you plan on taking your food to-go. It seems they can only make so many burgers at a time, and if there’s a crowd, you will find yourself waiting a good lil while…and oh yeah, I would definitely stay far away from that chili.

  3. Anonymous


    Where’s the other Royal Castle in Miami?? They’re so much better than Krystal!
    The old Waffle Houses had the best burgers w/ toasted bun, any left in Miami?
    Burger King 6 pack isn’t that good, esp. 4 the price!

    • Ms. Jay


      Please don’t confuse the two Royal Castle Restaurants
      One is a mess and I would not eat there if you paid me.
      They don’t wear gloves, the food sucks.
      I only eat at the one on 79th street and 27 ave.
      Don’t believe the rumors the area is a mixed community Blacks, whites and Latin americans
      Eat there. People should stop stereotyping .

  4. randian


    I went there 2 days ago. I had both a Feastburger and a pair of Royal Castle burgers (sliders). The sliders were much better than the Feastburger: crisp toasted buns, minced onion versus large slivers, and moderate condiments (the Feastburger was massively over the top on the condiments).

    I had this amusing exchange with the counter girl:

    Me: "I'd like a pair of sliders"
    Her: "What are sliders?"
    Me: "I'd like a pair of Royal Castle burgers"
    Her: "How many do you want?"
    Me: "Two"

    I'm not making this up.

  5. Anonymous


    These are pretty nasty burgers, not to mention the rest of the food looks nauseating too. White Castle, Krystals and Royal Castle should all be out of business in this day and age. Unhealthy and lousy food.

    Waffle Houses by far have better "road" food. Burger Chef should make a comeback if this place can make it ?

  6. Anonymous


    I was born and raised in Hollywood Florida . I remember when there was a Royal Castle on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and State road 7 AKA 441. The hamburger were the best & still are.

  7. M


    I’m a college student and I am always looking for a good quick meal; royal castle for me is delicious and filling. The servers are friendly and make me the most amazing six pack with everything.

  8. roy smith


    Will they reopen a royal castle in cleveland, ohio?

  9. Russ


    I grew up in Miami Springs in the 50’s and 60’s and loved Royal Castle. Closest thing we have where I live in Northern Va. Is Little Tavern, but no Birch Beer. In Miami we would buy half gallon jugs of Birch Beer.

    • Rivercitysmitty


      I remember the birch beer too. I lived in New Orleans back when and they seemed to be all over the place with two in the same block on Royal Street in the French Quarter. They seemed to disappear overnight as people went for the bigger burgers at the other chains. A couple of Krystals have opened recently, but they don’t seem to taste like they used to and certainly cost a lot more nowadays.

  10. JJooeey


    Krystal’s and White Castle are still great and still going strong, I don’t know what happened to Royal Castle but they were wrong to sell or shut down.

  11. JJooeey


    Anyone have Royal Castle Coffee Mugs for sale???

  12. MikeMoskos


    1986: one hour trip to Indianapolis from college town: 5 fraternity guys, 2 cases of beer, ordered 100 White Castles. Nothing was left but a littered car when we got back.