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Les Halles – Coral Gables, Florida – CLOSED

Les Halles - Coral Gables

Les Halles is best known because Anthony Bourdain made a name for himself at the Les Halles in New York (which also happens to be the reason I know about this location). I’m sure that most people who eat here come for the ambiance and then possibly the food. What I do find is that the waiters although friendly, have a slight attitude problem or is it just me? I’ve been to Les Halles with different people and we’ve all felt the same, just a heads up.

This is not a burger place (duh!) but a French Brasserie (whatever the hell that means, just kidding). They do happen to serve a Burger and a pretty outstanding Croque-Madame (Classic French Ham & Cheese Melt with a Sunny Side Up Egg on top).

Everyone who works with me knows about Les Halles because one day some gypsy lady became infatuated with me (I’m not even kidding). She asked one of my coworkers what I liked to eat. They said Burgers (this was all behind my back of course). Next thing I know…she is bringing me a Les Halles Burger. I graciously accepted and then said to myself, “there is no way I’m eating this thing“. Then I came to my senses. Ever since that day, I miss her so (just kidding). We were joking that she may have put some love spell on me but nice try gypsy lady (it didn’t work).

Now, back to our story…

I sit down to eat at Les Halles, this is of course after work since I’m about to mention that I had a beer. I don’t want anyone jumping to conclusions. I like to get Erdinger on draft and man is that good. Mr. Snooty asks what I’d like to eat. I go with….drumroll, please…..Hamburger with Frites (fries for you common folk).

Erdinger Beer
Erdinger Beer
Burger w/Cheese.....kinda
Burger w/Cheese…..kinda

When asked if I wanted Cheese, I said, sure what kind do you have? There is only one kind, Swiss (with an appalled look on his face). He replied as if I should have known that (maybe I should have brought the gypsy lady after all). The Burger tasted alright and was very juicy but I found it to be nothing out of the ordinary. Although the Bun looks very toasted in the picture, it was not. The Frites, on the other hand, were great.

Les Halles is CLOSED
2415 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, Fl

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  • What’s up with the cheese on that burger? It looks like it’s all scraped to the side. Is that how they serve it?

    Also, I walked by that restaurant the other day and it looked as if they were closed for renovations. Not sure if that means we will see a new restaurant there.

  • That may not be the way they serve it but that’s the way I got it that day. The issue wasn’t even the cheese but the soggy bun. It’s open, I was there just a few days ago.

  • man, of all the places in miami this is the last one i would think of for a burger. i guess that's why they call you the beast 🙂

    the Croque Madame is solid. They should do a Croque Madame patty melt or something. But I guess that would be a bastardization of french cuisine and might even violate some sort of international treatise.

    its good to see its open though – i saw the same thing with the papers on the windows and i was worried it had been another economic casualty.

    i go here from time to time for the mussels and frites. i think they're like the french version of chicken wings because they come in a variety of flavors. my favorite are the portuguese style. white winey & tomato-ey with some sausage for added flavor. The frites are perfect for sopping up the precious sauce.

    i have to share the sentiment about the waiters. there are good ones but they're outnumber by the bad 2 to 1. and when they're bad they're so, so bad. they don't bring you water, they forget to bring you silverware, etc.

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