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Flanigans - Doral, Florida

Over the course of the last quarter century I have eaten at Flanigan’s quite a few times. It has never really been a favorite of mine but whenever I’ve wanted to get a cold Beer (one of the few places I could get Elephant Red beer back in the day) and some appetizers this is always one of the first places to come up with my friends. My buddy Ed swears by this place. One time my cousin Chunktronics and I ordered so many appetizers that they didn’t even fit on the table (the ends of the plates were all overlapping each other). My wife Marcela and I recently went to Flanigan’s to have some appetizers and I had, you guessed it, a Burger.

Joe's Rockin' Rib Rolls
Joe’s Rockin’ Rib Rolls

For appetizers we had Joe’s Rockin’ Rib Rolls and an order of the Chicken Crispers in Hot Sauce. Joe’s Rockin’ Rib Rolls are deep fried Egg Rolls filled with Rib Meat from their Baby Back Ribs, Pulled Pork, Cheddar Cheese and their Barbecue Sauce. These little guys are pretty good (not great) . If all of the appetizers on the menu were Ed’s children, this is the kid who could do no wrong. He loves them, I like them, and I guess you can be the deciding vote if you try them. The Chicken Crispers are probably my favorite of Ed’s children.

Chicken Crispers
Chicken Crispers

The Crispers are juicy Chicken Strips which might not be for everyone. Ed prefers the Strips to be dry like his personality (t-minus getting a reply for that one). I prefer the Hot or Barbecue version, but if you’re a wimp they’re available in Mild or Medium Heat. Other appetizers to consider are their Potato Skins which are actually semi hollowed out Potato Halves (large ones not the T.G.I. Fridays size) with Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Bits (I like ‘um) and the Loaded Nachos. My wife and Ed think these are the greatest Nachos ever created and I just don’t seem to get it.

Caribbean Burger
Caribbean Burger

I’ve had all of the Burgers here at one time or another but I decided to go with the Caribbean Burger on this trip. It’s an ok Burger but nothing really out of this world. I do realize I will get some heat for that comment because there are a few people who seem to really love this place and in particular this Burger. Unfortunately, I do not agree with that sentiment. I’ll just stick to my ice cold Beer and appetizers, thank you very much (in my best Andy Kaufman voice).

8695 NW 12th St. Miami, Fl 33126

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