Brimstone – Pembroke Pines, Florida

I’ve passed Brimstone many a time on my way to Sunrise and wondered what exactly it was. It certainly looks like a chain restaurant from I-75. My friend Ed and I decided to go in and see what this place is all about. Prior to the visit I had looked up Brimstone online and confirmed that they indeed did have a hamburger as well as some mini burgers. I arrive first and had not realized that this is definitely much more upscale than I originally thought. It has an amazing wood burning smell (not the kind where a forest is burning down before someone makes a wisecrack). I’m seated far away from everyone (just kidding no one else is here). By the time Ed arrives, I had ordered a beer and a couple of appetizers (BBQ Chicken Flatbread with a thin whole wheat crust and the Kobe Mini Cheeseburgers).

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Kobe Mini Burgers

I felt the flatbread was ok as did Ed. Now, the Kobe Mini Cheeseburgers were outstanding as were the seasoned dinner fries that came with them (as good as frozen fries can be). Cooked to medium, these little guys were juicy, and not be anti-climatic they were also the best thing we had here. I ordered the Brimstone Prime Burger (with Bacon and Cheese) and Ed had the Tenderloin Steak Sandwich (comes with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, bacon & fried onions).

Prime Burger

Salt Crusted Baked Potato

The prime burger was nothing I haven’t had before. Considering it was wood-grilled, the cooking technique didn’t carry over into the taste of the burger, great fries though (deserved a second mention). I also ordered the Salt Crusted Baked Potato, which looks a lot better than it was.

Tenderloin Steak Sandwich

Ed’s steakwich was a bigger letdown considering the ingredients. You should have had an explosion of flavor when you bit into it, which was not the case. You are better off getting a Pan Con Bistec at Morro Castle. The best thing on his plate was the horseradish sauce, which turned out to be perfect for dipping the fries. And if you ever watched The State, it may have been good to dip something else in it.

14575 SW 5th Street, Pembroke Pines, Fl