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8 oz. Burger Bar – Miami Beach, Florida – CLOSED

I had wanted to eat at 8oz. Burger Bar last week but I was still recovering from my trip to Atlanta. Now semi-recovered, my wife was not able to accompany me so my sister Michelle went instead. With no wifey around, I was now free to order away. For starters, we ordered their Kobe Beef Corn Dogs and Buffalo Drumettes. The great batter on the corn dogs and the purple mustard, which tasted great were a nice combo. We liked the Buffalo Drumettes but found the blue cheese sauce served on the side to be odd tasting, not bad just odd.

Michelle orders herself a Thai Gimlet whatever the hell that is and she likes it. As Michelle places her order, our server Christy proceeds to let her know that the Turkey Burger has Turkey. An amazing revelation ladies and gentleman. Just kidding. She did actually say that but as she caught her mistake, it was too late. Actually, Christy was a blast, a bad dancer but a blast.

Getting back to the task at hand, food. Michelle has her Turkey Burger with Cave Aged Gruyere Cheese & Bacon. I order my 8oz. Beef Burger the exact same way. The beef well… “Meat is ground in-house then aged in a Himalayan salt-tiled meat locker before being grilled on live oak”.

We also try the Short Rib Grilled Cheese (Onion Marmalade, Bel Paese Cheese). Bel Paese where have you been all my life? As well as sides of Kennebec Fries, Stout Battered Onion Rings & Truffled Potato Skins.

Gruyere Cheese & Bacon Burger w/Kennebec Fries in the Background

Michelle said that this was the best Turkey Burger she’s ever had. She was particularly in love with the escarole on it. I really liked the Horseradish Dijonaise served with her burger. My burger tasted great and the Gruyere Cheese was definitely the right choice.

Truffle Potato Skins

The Short Rib Grilled Cheese and Truffled Potato Skins were so good we took an order to go for our dad to try. The Kennebec Fries were delicious and the Stout Battered Onion Rings although good was probably my least favorite item. What did I wash all this down with? A Kahlua shake, good stuff.

I did learn a few things on this outing. 1) I definitely ordered way too many things 2) The number of combinations that can be made between Condiments, Cheeses, Sauces, and Extras may keep me coming back here for quite a while. And 3) Always remember, the Turkey Burger has turkey.

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8 oz. Burger Bar is CLOSED
1080 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL


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