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Koky’s – Hialeah, Florida – CLOSED

Koky's - Hialeah, Florida

I can’t believe this place has been around since 1976. As a kid, I ate dinner at Koky’s Barbecue Steak Ranch with my family once or twice a month. Not much has changed at this place. It’s still a bit of a dive but maybe that’s why it’s still around.

Koky's - Hialeah, Florida
Inside of Koky’s

Or, it could be because the prices are relatively low in comparison to other food places, which would explain a thing or two. My wife Marcela decides to go with an order of Baby Back Ribs. I order the Jumbo Double Cheese Burger with Fries and we also order some Wings and a couple of Corn on the Cobs. The Jumbo Double Cheese Burger is in fact not jumbo, it got lost in the bun. As far as flavor is concerned, it reminds of a Burger King patty.

Koky's - Hialeah, Florida
Double Cheeseburger

The Wings were slightly undercooked. The oddest thing was they were not Grilled or Fried. Leaving only the dreaded Oven Baked or Microwaved options, which is what I’m leaning towards.

Koky's - Hialeah, Florida

The Corn, well it was corn and it was really bland even after we added Butter and Salt. Marcela’s Baby Back Ribs were a travesty.

Koky's - Hialeah, Florida
Baby Back Ribs

There is no way they were made today. The Ribs were so dry they must have been reheated. That’s the feeling I get about Koky’s, nothing appears to be fresh. The only thing I thought was good was their Fries, but man can not survive on Fries alone.

I loved them in the 1980s:

Koky’s is CLOSED
4950 W. 12th Avenue, Hialeah, FL

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