Skyline Chili – Sunrise, Florida

I know a bad omen when I see one. As soon as I open the door to Skyline Chili there was a Pepsi machine looking directly at me. I mention this to my friends Carlos and Derrick as we are seated, Carlos is a Pepsi fan so it falls on deaf ears. Derrick nods in agreement (although I did see him drink some flat Coke earlier today). As we’re sizing up the menu there is one thing that I notice, pretty much everything is served with Chili. I also notice cans of their own Skyline Chili lining the window sills. After reading the back of their menu, I learn that Skyline Chili has been around since 1949 and that it is originally from Cincinnati.

Skyliner Chili Cheese Dog

Chili Spaghetti

Chili Burrito

Cheese Fries w/Chili on the Side

We decide to order the Skyliner (their specially made Hot Dog with steamed bun and covered in Onions, Chili and Cheddar Cheese) , Chili Spaghetti (Spaghetti covered in Chili, did I really need to explain that?), Skyline Burrito (Skyline Chili bean mix in a soft flour Tortilla covered in Chili and Cheddar Cheese) and Chili Cheese Skyfries (Shoestring French Fries covered in Chili and Cheddar Cheese, although ours was served with the Chili on the side).

There is one word for everything we tried and that’s bland. The Hot Dog makes me wish I was eating a Veggie Dog. The one thing that comes through in all the dishes is Cheddar Cheese (and that’s cause there’s a mound of it). If they’re famous for their Chili, I don’t get it. It lacks any real Chili flavor or good flavor for that matter. You know there’s a problem when I thought the Pepsi (I’m a Coke guy) was the best thing I had.

Reach for the Skyline:

Skyline Chili
2834 North University Drive, Sunrise, FL


Comments (9):

  1. NatNibbles

    April 16, 2009 at 9:59 PM

    That’s too bad… I have one within walking distance of my house in Ft Laudy. I guess I’ll put off trying it even longer!

  2. joel

    April 17, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    i dont care what you say. i grew up in cincy and love the stuff. your pics make my mouth water, end of story.

  3. Anonymous

    May 29, 2009 at 10:50 PM

    Anyone who doesn’t give Skyline a try has no taste because Skyline has plenty of taste. I moved to Ohio from the Midwest and I acquired the taste immediately. If you don’t like the coney eat a phoney coney….yes lots of chili and cheese. It is Greek chili nothing like what you old farts in Florida…the crap out of can. Skyline is wasted on Floridians. I am sorry that the Bengals brought it with them at the Superbowl. I live in Portland, OR and I have it shipped regularly from cincy2u.com. Quit complaining and go eat your crap.

  4. karma2000

    August 3, 2010 at 11:16 PM

    If you think the chili is bland then clearly there's something wrong with the chili, b/c Skyline is flavorful and anything BUT bland. Cincinnati style is nothing like other chilis, so maybe you were expecting something much different? Did you add the hot sauce which should have been an available condiment? Not that it's needed; I've never used it. I must agree with the others who encourage folks to try it for themselves. I wonder if the Florida recipe is different than what is served in Cincinnati … my advice is go straight to the original source. There's a Skyline in every neighborhood, and the food is consistent at all of them. Don't give up, 'cause you are definitely missing out!

  5. KYdrewgirl

    January 8, 2011 at 6:57 AM

    karma2000 has a point, they could be making it different in FL. I grew up in the Cincinnati area and even the item names are different in this review, not to mention the photos look like home made Skyline, not what is served in the restaurants. The "Skyliner" is actually called a "Cheese Coney" and there should also be mustard on it too. The "Chili Spaghetti" Should be called a "3-way" "4-way" or a "5-way". (see actual menu here: http://www.skylinechili.com/menu.pdf )
    This is definitely not your traditional chili. If you are looking for a thick, spicy, and super meaty chili, this isn't it. But if you are adventurous and willing to try something new, it is great, just different!
    If you are going to try it and only have access outside the Cincinnati area, consider the fact that it may not be as good as the original. I couldn't even guess the number of times I have had Skyline but its at least once a week or more and I've been know to have it for lunch and dinner in the same day.
    I am moving to Florida next week and Skyline is one of the things I will miss most about leaving home. Now I'm afraid if I find a Skyline near my new home it won't be what I'm use to eating and will be disappointed 🙁 But there is always mail ordered Skyline, I will always have that!!

  6. LuvnFL

    January 28, 2011 at 2:51 AM

    Been eating at this Skyline for over 15 years and still love it. Maybe you should have stuck with the salad. Skyline Chili is not for everyone but neither is eating raw fish. I eat at this skyline at least once to twice a week and would recommend anyone to try it. It's like Sushi, you either love it or it's not for you.
    I LOVE IT!!!

  7. Skyline Rules

    June 14, 2012 at 6:56 PM

    If you think Skyline Chili is bland and tasteless, I feel sorry for what you must have to eat to get a kick out of eating.

    Since moving to Florida, I been eating at the closest Skyline to me, which is in Clearwater. It’s better than several of the ones back up north.

    Also, with a name like Skyline Chili, did you expect ribs? Pizza? Tacos?
    If you weren’t in the mood for chili dogs, chili spaghetti, etc. then you should have headed elsewhere.

    If, by some chance this place is watering it down too much, then try it at the Clearwater store! You won’t be sorry you did!

  8. John Glass

    June 16, 2012 at 7:14 PM

    Sorrry you did not like it, but not all people do. It is nothing like texas chili. The location you were at is my favorite in Florida. Jenn and Tony run a great store!
    It is an learned taste!