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Passover Coke And Pepsi Throwback Plus Mountain Dew Throwback

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During Passover the Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottling companies release a Kosher version of their soft drinks made with Sucrose (aka Sugar) instead of Corn Syrup. If you’re pre-1990’s like I am, I’m sure you’ll remember most if not all soft drinks had Sugar instead of Corn Syrup. The change was supposedly made because of the rising cost of Sugar.

As of late, there’s been a soda resurgence where Coke and/or Pepsi has been imported from Mexico because they are made with Sugar. In Miami, all you have to do is look around at all the ethnic mom n’ pop restaurants to find them. Pepsi has now taken it one step further and will be releasing Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback made with Sugar.

Original Concept Art for Bottles
Final Art for Bottles

Although I am not a big fan of Pepsi, I will be buying some as soon as it’s available. During the 80’s I was a Pepsi-holic but at some point I converted to Coke. Let’s keep that between us.

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