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Hot Dog Lounge – Key West, Florida – CLOSED

Hot Dog Lounge - Keys

As we’re wandering aimlessly around Duval street, we come across the Hot Dog Lounge. It’s past midnight now and I figure, what the hell, a dog for the road. More than anything, I was drawn to the “Lounge” because of all the sauces. I was surprised to see Sriracha Hot Sauce (UPDATE: This was obviously before it was readily available pretty much everywhere) as one of the sauces he had available, My wife Marcela is a big lover of it. Me…not as much.

Just Some of the Sauces
Just Some of the Sauces

He told us he drives down to Target once a year to get it, which happens to be the only place Marcela and I have ever seen it. There is also a “Burger Dog”, which I didn’t try. A burger dog for those of you wondering is ground beef shaped into hot dog form so it fits on a hot dog bun. The ones I’ve tried before left a lot to be desired, so I skipped out on a possible stomach ache. The hot dog was good. I believe he told me it was Blogner’s, which I’ve never tried before. I was so excited to eat the dog I never took a picture of it.

Wiener Signage
Wiener Signage
Dog Shot
Dog Shot

Luckily it came out in one of the pics Marcela took while cradled ever so lovingly in my hand (above). It’s got some girth, yes I know…Please keep the comments to yourself.

The Hot Dog Lounge
Located at the corner of Duval and Caroline Streets
Key West, FL

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  • Surprisingly, my favorite item is their pretzel. It's chewy and fluffy but crisp from being grilled. The sausage was amazing with the homemade garlic mustard. The owners are extremely friendly. For those that didn't notice, this is a cart and if it's too cold you may have to come back on a warmer night.

  • The news of Raymond’s death is devastating. Raymond and Dana were an island of love and happiness in the tremulous and trepidatious sea of 3am Duval St. Always happy to see you and always a kind word. Saying, “he will be missed”, is the understatement of all time.

  • I crave dogs from the Hot Dog Lounge. I make sure I eat there several times , every time I come to Key West.
    I think the best was I at 2 fully loaded around 11 PM one night and then on our way home I had 2 more around 2 AM. after being at the condo about an hour I still craved them so much that I got dressed and walked back down to Duval and got 2 more.. ….. I miss them badly right now.

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