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So you’re into guys wearing kilts? Then this “Authentic British” “gastropub” is the place for you. On my way back from Sunrise my friends Ed, John and I decide to stop in for some drinks & grub. We decide to go with the Pub Wings in Buffalo Sauce, the Pub Sliders (4 of them), Tavern Chips (homemade Potato Chips with Bacon, Cheese and BBQ Sauce) & Beer Battered Onions/Mushrooms.

Pub Wings
Pub Wings

The Pub Wings were not crispy as the menu claimed but had an oven baked texture (which I don’t like for Wings). Everyone felt they were on the creepy side.

Battered Onions and Mushrooms
Battered Onions and Mushrooms

I really liked the Battered Onions and Mushrooms, as well as the Horseradish Sauce, served with it but everyone else just thought it average. The Tavern Chips (in particular the BBQ Sauce) were the best thing I had but everyone else hated it.

Tavern Chips

The Pub Sliders were so disliked I was the only person who finished one. They were just OK but at least the Dinner Fries were good.

Pub Sliders
Pub Sliders

John goes for the Over Easy Burger, Ed for the Sheppard’s Pie and I had the Young’s Double Chocolate Stout BBQ Burger. Both Burgers are served with a Fried Pickle.

Ed let me taste his Sheppard’s Pie and we both agreed that there was nothing special about it.

Sheppard's Pie
Sheppard’s Pie

The Over Easy Burger is topped with Pepper Jack Cheese and an Over Easy Egg. I never got to try it but John seemed to think it was lacking something in the taste department.

Over Easy Burger
Over Easy Burger

As for the Young’s Double Chocolate Stout BBQ Burger, the only flavor that didn’t make an appearance was the Burger itself. The Burger was topped with Bacon, Guinness Onions, a Chocolate Stout BBQ Sauce, and some Cheddar Cheese.

Young's Double Chocolate Stout BBQ Burger
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout BBQ Burger

The toppings, in particular, the Guinness Onions and the Chocolate Stout BBQ Sauce had a nice flavor. We stayed for quite a while having drinks afterward. I like the atmosphere in the place and the beer on tap was good too.

Mexican Coke
Mexican Coke

Anyway, how can a place that serves Coke in a glass bottle be all that bad?

Sit & Relax:

The Pub
237 SW 145th Terrace, Pembroke Pines, FL

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