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Lucarella’s – Oakland Park, Florida – CLOSED

Marcela and I are lost in Oakland Park, seems I made a wrong turn looking for Jack’s Old Fashion Hamburger House. As we’re driving around, we come across the Tortilleria Mexicana which Marcela has been to before and in the same strip mall is Lucarella’s. I figured we’d come in, get a slice and be done with it.

The owner (a really friendly guy) offers us a Chicken Empanada prepared Argentinian style. It was nice, flaky and the Chicken tasted great. We ask for a slice of the Cheese and one of the Margherita.

As we’re waiting the owner’s father comes out and talk to us about his Empanadas. He offers us one and we explain we were already given one. He insists that we must try the Beef Empanada. I’m not the biggest Empanada fan but these guys were excellent.


I didn’t get to take the pic till they were halfway eaten because I was so involved. We ask where he got his recipe from and he tells us how he was born in Spain but grew up in Argentina.

Cheese Slice
Margherita Slice

By this time, the Slices are good to go. They’re really good. As tasty as I thought the cheese was, I find the Margherita slightly better(Marcela agrees). There is also fresh baked Bread which they’ll slice for you.

Bread Selection

I take some Empanadas to go as well as a Meatball Sub. The Meatball Sub was above average. And there’s plenty of things still to try. I just wish I didn’t live so far. I scanned the menu for those who might want to check it out:

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 The Details:

Lucarella’s is CLOSED
4165 N. Dixie Highway, Oakland Park, FL

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  • I live/work in this area and we order from Lucarella's all the time! EVERY TIME you go in they offer you an empanada. I am in here at least once a month to order food for work functions and they still ofer me one for free (and you're right, they're super nice!) You were really close to Jack's, though. If you had taken 38th to Federal and headed north, you would have seen it. Did you ever make it there?

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