Alhambra Station – Coral Gables, Florida

When I’m sitting in my office in Coral Gables on what almost seems like a 24-hour basis, the fax will spit out a paper at random. Then I grab the paper, look at it, crumble it up and then throw it away…… Just another fax from Alhambra Station.

This has been my routine for a few months. Then one day it happened, there was a Burger on the menu or was it always there? I call up and order my Burger which comes with Cheese, Bacon, ‘Shrooms and Sauteed Onions.

Alhambra Station Burger

I ask for Fries but that’s a no go, Home Fries is what I get. It arrives relatively quick and comes complete with a Pickle Spear. I always wonder if a Pickle Spear is really a selling point? I remember when Denny’s Menu proudly proclaiming “Served with Pickle Spear”. Anyway, the Burger was good and a tasty little pastry came along with the Burger.

Alhambra Station Pastry

It was fresh, flaky and really had no discernible flavor (I was hoping for Apple). This should be a lesson to you, if you throw out flyers without reading them, you never know what’s on them.

Alhambra Station
255 Alhambra Cir Coral Gables, FL