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A few months back I wrote about my childhood love affair for the Supercheeseburger at Rio Cristal. I’ll save you the trip and post what I said below:

I know what you’re saying (maybe you’re not saying anything because you have no idea what this place is), this is a Cuban restaurant. Let me plead my case first before you write me off. As a bratty kid, all I would eat was cheeseburgers. I’m still bratty by the way, just not a kid anymore (I had to get this comment in before my wife Marcela takes a pot shot at me). I eventually gave in and started eating other items on the menu like Bistec (el steako) but when I would go to Rio Cristal I had to have the Supercheeseburger. Not really the type of thing you would find at a Cuban restaurant (since they already had the inferior Cheeseburger). It was large, had lots of over-processed American Cheese melted on top of it and it tasted really good. Right now while thinking of it, my mouth started watering which means only one thing. Expect a Rio Cristal visit real soon.

So the time is here at last. How do they say, better late than never? Yes, Yes. My parents were in the mood for something they haven’t had in a while (get your mind out of the gutter). I suggested Rio Cristal. I order and I pick up the stuff with my father. I had the Supercheeseburger with their julienne cut fries, my mom had the Grilled Chicken with Onions while my father had the Pan con Bistec aka Steak Sandwich.

Julienne Potatoes
Julienne Potatoes
Grilled Chicken w/Onions
Grilled Chicken w/Onions
Pan con Bistec Half
Pan con Bistec Half

If you do decide to eat here, remember that you will leave smelling as if cooked your own food. I don’t why but that’s a certified fact. My mother loves the Chicken, my father (Mr. Sandwiche) loves his Pan con Bistec and then there’s me and my Supercheeseburger. It tastes just like I remember, so crazy.


A rush of memories come back to me. I remember when my whole family (my Parents, my late Grandparents, my sister and I) would go to Rio Cristal to have dinner. Very Good memories. It’s still good and comforting. I’m so glad for that. Definitely get their Flan, it’s the best in town. As for a picture of the Burger unwrapped, you can’t have it! Go order one and smell the magic.

Eat at a Miami Landmark:

Rio Cristal
Facebook: Rio Cristal
9872 Bird Rd, Westchester, FL

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