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My former boss who shall remain nameless sent me an email about Stop Burger & Fries in Weston. It did take me a little while to check the place out though. Stop Burger & Fries is located in the Weston Town Center and I gotta say, it was a little difficult to find. Stop Burger & Fires has a very industrial slash garage feel to it with Stop signs all over the place.

Stop Burger Inside

I was with my friends Ed & John. Ed orders his Big Burger combo with Cheddar Cheese (12 0z. lean sirloin with onion rings) while John and I peer pressure him into also getting a Hot Dog. Now Ed could have taken the normal human being route and ordered the Little Dog which is a 1/4 pound Hebrew National but he chose to order the 1/2 pound Wagyu Kobe Beef Big Dog. Next up was John who places the same order except he adds American Cheese to his burger and the toppings for John’s dog are slightly different. And finally, batting clean-up is moi (that’s “Me” in French for you uncivilized types).

Stop Burger w/Cheddar Cheese

I figure I might as well order the same thing, my burger with only Cheddar and mayo but I add 6 Wings in Buffalo Hot Sauce to the equation. We take our seats and wait for the food to be brought out to us. The oddest and coolest thing was the music playing. It was a compilation of ’80s Hair Metal. We heard Lita Ford & Warrant to name a few.

Onion Rings

Even though Ed was first to order, John’s gets his food before him. At this point is when we realize we all ordered Onion Rings. Why? No one likes Curly Fries. Everyone felt the same way, the food was just ok.

Hot Dog

Both Ed and John really disliked the Hot Dog which I just found average. The best part was probably the Wings and the low point were the Onion Rings which were flavorless.

While we were sitting discussing what we had eaten and Dexter (the Showtime show not the cartoon about the laboratory) I notice they have shakes. “My treat!” A Vanilla for John and Chocolate for Ed and I. Verdict? Don’t do it, it’s not worth it. While the Vanilla at least tasted like Vanilla, the Chocolate had very minimal Chocolate flavor. Our Chocolate Shakes also tasted totally different. Maybe I should have ordered the Strawberry Shake?

Stop Burger & Fries is CLOSED
1798 Bell Tower Lane, Weston, FL


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