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Saveur: The Burger Bible Issue

Saveur Burger Issue

Every time I turnaround it seems as if there’s a magazine with a special Burger issue. Food Network’s June/July was dedicated to burgers and recently Saveur with The Burger Bible. While the Food Network’s issue mentioned the ultimate Burger in every state.

Savuer’s issue receives street cred just because George Motz of Hamburger America fame wrote an article on Sid’s from Oklahoma for the issue. There’s a guide to the best Cheeses, 26 great Hamburger Joints, choosing the right Bun, Toppings, Sauces, a guide to Hamburger Meat, cooking methods plus some Burger Recipes. There’s also an off topic article entitled “A World Of Peppers” which is a great read. This is a definite must have if you are a Burger fan.

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