Waffle House In Naples, Florida

Waffle House Sign

In Miami there is not one Waffle House. As you head up north into Davie and Ft. Lauderdale you will run into a few as well as one in Key Largo. My wife Marcela and I had been driving around Naples looking for a place to eat but it was getting late. Late as in 9ish (that’s late over there). By the time we stopped at Waffle House it was after 10 and we were starved. Waffle House is open 24 hours which was great news for us. When you come here, you should know what to expect. It’s standard diner fair with a mostly hometown friendly staff.

Double Patty Melt
Double Patty Melt

Marcela ordered the Grilled Texas Bacon Steak Melt while I had the Double Patty Melt. We both liked our dishes and would definitely get them again if we returned. I also had a Triple order of the Hash Browns “Covered”.

Covered Triple Hash
Covered Triple Hash

Covered means it’s topped with American Cheese. Yup, that was pretty good also. We had multiple cups of Coffee and talked to the staff about Naples and Waffle House. Like I said before, they were friendly and made the experience memorable. Many thanks to them.

Late Night Eats:

3824 Tollhouse Dr., Naples, FL

Burger Beast

Eat. Write. Read. Repeat.

One thought on “Waffle House In Naples, Florida

  • September 11, 2009 at 3:17 AM

    a triple order of hash browns??? whatabeast.

    i can attest to the waffle house near disney world being a decent establishment, even if its not the cleanest place in the world.

    speaking of waffles, has anybody gone to gladys knight's chicken and waffles in atlanta? i'm curious.

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