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Donde Timmy Perros Colombianos AKA Caliempanadas In Kendall, Florida

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I stopped to eat at Donde Timmy against the wishes of my wife Marcela. I had sworn to myself that I would stop eating at Colombian Fast Food joints because they’re hit and miss…big time! We walk in and the guy at the counter looks as if he’s seen better days (no for real). This guy definitely doesn’t want to be here, at least that’s the vibe he’s giving off. I look over at Marcela and she has the face. What is the face? The “There’s no fuckin’ way I’m eating here” face. I’m on my own. While she goes to the restroom I think to myself “Maybe if the food is good, I can convince her to share it with me“.

I order a Regular Perro, a Carne Sirloin Especial & a Mazorca Desgranada Regular. Once Marcela returns, I tell her what I ordered and she agrees to at least try the food. First up isMazorca Desgranada Regular: It’s a platter of Corn Kernels topped with Potato Sticks, Cheese and Sauces. In this case I went with 3 of their sauces (Pineapple Sauce, Pink Sauce aka Mayo/Ketchup mix and a Curry). Take a look at the picture and you’ll see, it was mostly Potato Sticks.

Regular Perro

It actually looks like a Breakfast Cereal. It tasted good but more Corn would have been nice. The regular Perro was found to be pretty terrible by both of us. It wasn’t a Hot Dog but more of a sausage. Stay away! The Burger was not too bad and Marcela liked it.


This place doesn’t become Donde Timmy till 6PM. I’m sure by that time they’ve had enough time to round up all the homeless dogs and cats in the neighborhood. Just kidding.

Where He At?:

Donde Timmy
15672 SW 72nd St, Miami, FL

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