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Hot Pockets Sideshots 4 Mini Cheeseburgers: A Review

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Side Shot Box

The box said “NEW” and I said “Yes”. I love going down the freezer aisle and looking for new items to microwave and heat in the oven. Most of these have one thing in common, they’re just average tasting. I have yet to find a Burger that tastes good microwaved and don’t you dare claim those frozen White Castle slyders are good. The box of Hot Pocket Sideshots contains 2 packages of conjoined mini Cheeseburger sideshots.

Side Shots Halved

It reminds me of those Burger King Burger Shots which also had to be split apart. Taste wise, they’re reminiscent of the microwaveable White Castle burgers. I also taste a little Pickle flavor. Upon further inspection I notice on the box it says “Hamburger And Cheese With Sauce In A Bun” . Sauce in a bun? What the hell does that mean? Would I eat it again? Probably not.

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