Lil’ Ole Caboose – Deerfield Beach, Florida – CLOSED

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

It didn’t take much to convince my friend Ed to eat at Lil’ Ole Caboose. He’s from New York and the thought of a good Slider cemented the deal. I’ve driven past here a few times and wanted to stop just because it stands out like a sore thumb amongst the surroundings. It is, after all, a red train caboose in the middle of nowhere. The one thing that caught our eye as we were walking towards Lil’ Ole Caboose was the “If You Like White Castle You’ll Love Boxcar Burgers”(including the use of the White Castle font). My thoughts on that later. I like the look of the place inside but it could do with some cleaning.

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

There is a mini train track running all the top the area we were sitting in but again, it was caked in dust. There’s also a sign about Boxcar Burgers claiming “Take Home & Simply Microwave!”

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

Ed and I looked at each other (not in a loving way) and thought “Oh no”.  Also, for those of you searching for that elusive Birch Beer (and Diet) they have it on tap here.

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

Ed ordered 3 Boxcar Cheeseburgers and 1 Chicago dog.

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

I ordered 1 Double Boxcar Cheeseburger and a Chili Cheese Dog.

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

We also ordered some Chili Cheese Fries. We both go for the Hot Dog and we both thought the exact same thing (whoa! we are one). There’s no way this is a Sabrett Hot Dog but that’s surely Hormel chili. The Chili Cheese Fries were also a disappointment. The Fries taste as if they have been fried a second time to warm them. They were bad, Ed only ate one fry. It’s a shame because they were Nathan’s style thick cut Fries.

Lil' Ole Caboose - Deerfield Beach, Florida

“If You Like White Castle You’ll Love Boxcar Burgers”, now that would be untrue. The sign about “Take Home & Simply Microwave!” said it all. There is no doubt in our minds that these Boxcar Burgers were microwaved. The bread was soggy just like the microwaved White Castle Sliders get. They were very bland and this caboose should never have left the station (I know, that was a bad one).

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Lil’ Ole Caboose is CLOSED
204 S. Powerline Road, Deerfield Beach, FL

Comments (5):

  1. Anonymous

    October 16, 2009 at 8:46 PM

    I went in there and it was real dirty. The burgers even tasted weird.

  2. Polynomia

    October 17, 2009 at 2:53 AM

    As many times as I've tried to like this place, I only think of them as mediocre at best. Fortunately the Krystal on Sunrise helps with the slider cravings…

  3. Edric

    October 17, 2009 at 8:32 PM

    At least we were close enough to Charm City to get some real food.

  4. ChadC

    October 19, 2009 at 5:10 PM

    A little over a year ago, this place had some serious health code violations. I mean nasty stuff that an inspector with Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation witnessed on a visit in September of 08.

    (via Jeff Weinsier's Dirty Dining Blog)

    observed rodent activity as evidenced by partially eaten buns with observable “gnaw marks” under stove”

    “rodent activity as evidenced by strong odor of rodent feces & urine”

    “food debris with “gnaw marks” observed under hamburger stove”

    “hundreds of droppings observed under stove in kitchen. these droppings are fresh, shiny and large”

    observed fresh droppings, approx. 2 dozen, under hand wash sink in kitchen”

    5 fresh droppings on counter and under griddle by french fry boats”
    fanguards in walk in cooler encrusted with black “mold like” residue”

    So appparently the place cleaned it up and passed inspection the following afternoon, but the damage had been done in my book. The owner even admitted on TV that the inspector had found rodent droppings.

    Beast and Ed, you are a kings among men for trying this place out.

  5. Anonymous

    August 9, 2010 at 6:28 PM

    We are here from Cincinnati and saw the White Castle quote on the window so we had to stop in. My family thought the burgers were pretty good for a long distance fix. Much better than Krystals which we couldn't stand!
    Very friendly staff too. We will be back!