Woody’s Famous Steak Sandwich – North Miami, Florida – CLOSED

Woody’s Famous Steak Sandwich has been around since 1954 (it was an A&W before that). I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it means I’m expecting good things. We walk in on a Saturday night and there’s no one in the place.

While my wife Marcela is trying to decide what to order, I make some small talk with the guy at the register (I’m gonna say he’s either the manager or owner). I tell him that someone had highly recommended Woody’s Famous Steak Sandwich (True) and I ask if they have a website (The answer is no and I already knew the answer to that).

Why did I ask something I already knew? I was trying to get him to open up to me and talk about Woody’s. He tells me I can find out about Woody’s on Yelp (already done my research) and how great their Steak Sandwiches are. He is very friendly as was the dude who cooks our food.

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Menu (late 2009) – click to enlarge

Marcela finally settles on the Philly Steak with Onion & Cheese and a side of Curly fries (my least favorite of the Fry family although Tater Tots are catching up). I order the Deluxe Woody Cheeseburger Ground Sirloin and a Chili Cheese Dog. There’s a little condiment area for your Hot Dogs and/or I guess also for your Steak Sandwiches and Hamburgers.

Chili Cheese Dog

We attempted to get a picture of it but no one matter what we did it came out blurry. It had Onions, Jalapeños, you know the usual suspects. The guy who’s cooking is right on the other side of this condiment area making our grub on the flat top. Everything is cooked to order. We receive our food and take a seat. Marcela takes one bite of the Philly and I know that face. It means “Let me try your food“.

Woody Bacon CheeseBurger w/Fries

She tries my Woody Burger which she instantly falls for. Before I give up all custody rights to my Woody Burger I had 2 bites. The Woody Burger tasted alright but it was nothing out of this world, maybe a little bit above average at best.

Philly Steak Sandwich

I found the Philly Steak Sandwich to be good but also not to the level of what I’d been told. The weird thing is, it almost seemed as if it was pressed like a Cuban Sandwich. Check out Andiamo’s Philly Dogma’s Philly,  it blows it out of the water. The hot dog was Sabrett which I love with Cheese Sauce and Chili. The Chili was a little better than what you might find at most joints. Did I mention I severely dislike Curly Fries? I think I might have. Overall, this just seems like a good lunch place with some pretty good prices.

 Eat Famous:

Woody’s Famous Steak Sandwich is CLOSED
13105 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL

Comments (3):

  1. Chef Sherlock-Food Detective

    October 28, 2009 at 9:40 PM

    an old staple for us Miamins yet since the hurricane a few years ago not the same-totally different and not worth the stop…Tried it again the other day and again sooo disapointed-it really was a place to drive to now its just another one of those Greasy spoons that you just drive by…

  2. Anonymous

    October 29, 2009 at 5:41 PM

    This has changed owner's and is not nearly as good as it used to be. The recent owners are Hispanic, and tend to make their food in a Latin style instead of the original Woody's American style, but they're still a great deal. One interesting menu item was the sweet potato fries, which come with a whipped marshmallow dip, surprisingly good!

  3. Mark

    February 16, 2013 at 5:00 PM

    Having grown up eating at Woodys for 30 years I was very excited to see that it was still there. My anticipation of digging in to one of those great steak sandwiches quickly turned into dissapointment when my food arrived.
    Instead of their delicious sliced steak sandwich I got a mediocre, overpriced version of a philly cheese steak. I tried the chili…YUK, sent it back. Tasted like it came from a can. The draft beer was OK but way overpriced.
    The only good things I can say about the place was that they had a nice dining room and counter area. And the girls serving were sweet and really did try.
    This is not the same Woodys of the past, unfortuneately