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Latin Burger and Taco Food Truck – CLOSED

Ingrid Hoffman's Latin Burger & Taco Truck

UPDATE: I wrote this post when Univision & Food Network star Ingrid Hoffman was still involved with this truck. All of the original recipes on this truck came directly from her. Shortly after her departure, many things changed and the food was never the same.

As luck would have it, just as I arrived at Latin Burger and Taco Truck they were in the process of moving to another location. So of course, I followed them. I literally followed right behind them while I read their tweets as to their next location.

They arrive and I miss where they park (because I was paying attention to Twitter) so I need to round the block. I take over the menu and decide, a Latin Macho Burger = Yes, a Pulled Pork Taco = Yes, Fries = Yes.

Menu (click to enlarge)
Menu (click to enlarge)

There are also some awesome made from scratch Sauces like the Red Pepper Mayo and my favorite, the Gauchup. I thought it was Ketchup and Guacamole (that sounds plain nasty) but I was wrong. It’s Guayaba (Guava for the gringos) with Ketchup. It’s a sweet sauce and at first, I didn’t know what to make of it. I dipped a Fry into it and I was trying to grasp the flavor. With each successive dip, I became more and more enamored with it. It’s really good.


The Pulled Pork Taco is a soft Taco (more like a Burrito actually) with Shredded BBQ Pork topped with bits of Avocado, Onions, and Cilantro. It had a great BBQ taste and the ingredients tasted very fresh. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a fan of Avocado but this “Taco” was right on target. Everything came together well.

Pulled Taco
Pulled Taco
Bitten Pulled Pork Taco
Inside Of The Pulled Pork Taco

The Latin Macho Burger has a mix of Chuck, Sirloin and Chorizo Beef with Oaxaca Cheese, Caramelized Onions & Jalapeños (aka Hottie Onions) and Red Pepper Mayo (or you could go the Avocadolicious Sauce route). It’s not one thick Burger but 2 thin patties cooked on a flat top.

Latin Macho
Latin Macho
Open Faced Latin Macho
Open Faced Latin Macho

It has a nice fresh bun also. I bit into it and my first thought was, I need to order another one. I stopped long enough to take a picture of the Burger after a few bites.

Bitten Latin Macho
Inside Of The Latin Macho

One of the best Burgers I’ve had this year. It was devastatingly good. It’s different and in this case, that’s a good thing. The Fries were not fresh cut but they were crispy. The Fries also had some seasoning on them, plus I needed them to dip in my Guachup.


Did I go back for a second Latin Macho Burger? I did but I ended up with their Chicken Sandwich (which isn’t always on the menu). I had the option of making it Buffalo Style, which I didn’t take. I had the Oaxaca Cheese and Hottie Onions on it. Good stuff. At one point I was dipping it into the Guachup.

Check out the Latin Burger Truck, it’s a must.


Ingrid Hoffman’s Latin Burger & Taco Recipes:

Ingrid Hoffman’s Guachup Recipe

Ingrid Hoffman’s Delicioso Latin Burger Recipe


Latin Burger and Taco Truck is CLOSED

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  • Had a taco and a burger today and felt they both lacked salt.

    I'm thinking they should include little packets of salt and pepper in the take-out orders.

    I am also not a big fan of double patties. If I'm that hungry, I would rather have two single-patty burgers.

    They should give people the option between a single and double patty burger.

  • Also, the taco is more like a burrito. They should just close it at one end and call it that.

    However, the tortillas they used were very fresh. I doubt these are your grocery store kind.

    As someone who spent eight years in the Southwest, a fresh tortilla is essential and it's not always guaranteed around these parts.

  • I also went there on the 2nd. I had the chicken tomatillo taco and it lacked flavor and salt. I had been there before and it tasted great so I don't know what happened. Also, I found 2 pieces of chicken skin which was not very appetizing, I ended up throwing out half of the taco. The pulled pork taco on the other hand was off the chain and like Carlos said, the tortillas are great.

    My friend had the burger and loved it. But the fries, well I wish they were fresh as they say their ingredients are. Those were frozen and they had too much seasoning on them.

  • I usually agree right along with your opinions…but this Latin Burger truck was AWFUL!!! The only thing that I said "wow" to was the tortillas. I would of rather of had a BK burger.

  • My burger was horribly overcooked, no jalapenos, scrap of onion. Pulled pork taco had one leaf of cilantro, one scrap of avocado. No prices posted, either on the truck or website, not worth $9.20 for those two poorly-cooked items. Won't be returning.

  • I cant believe no one has commented on the CHICKEN MOLE 'TACO' (though I agree it isn't a 'taco' in my opinion) I had it with avocadolicious sauce and my OH MY it was FA-MAZING! it was the first one I tried and it blew me away that I held a high standard for everything else. Though, all the other tacos were just good. I wish I had the mole taco last.
    On my next visit I had half the burger (like 3 bites) and my boyfriend wanted the rest. It was good….gotta try a full one next time and def gotta try the 'secret menu' items like the chicken macho!

  • I can't explain how excited my husband and I were to try Latin Burger. We have heard nothing but rave reviews online so we figured it would be amazing. Our expectations far exceeded the experience. First off, it took over 5 minutes between each order to get the food out. We waited a very long time for two sandwiches and an order fries. There was no line ahead of us, just people waiting for their food. When we got the bag of food, we were salivating. Only to be oh so dissapointed. The pulled pork was good, not great. The Macho is anything but! Flavourless, and where is the jalepeno? I expected a little heat or at least flavour. But bland was the only word to describe the Macho burger. Maybe people haven't been over to Beer & Burger so they don't know what a good burger is. But Latin Burger was VERY dissapointing. Long wait, bland food.

  • WoW, Latin Burger & Taco! What a disappointment was your Macho burger today!!!!! The cheese was not melted, the bun was just slapped on top of two overcooked patties that looked like hey were heated not cooked!

  • I stopped by for what I thought was going to be an awesome pulled pork sandwich. To my surprise, it was the worst sandwich I ever ate. It was mostly mayo and onions with some pork and very soggy. Needless to say I threw it away. What a waste of $8.00. I will say this, the guys in the truck were friendly. The ticket system was good because they gave you a ticket so they can call your number which gets rid of the confusion of ordering from a truck. Maybe, I need to stick to their tacos? IDK

  • I’m gonna post almost the same comment I wrote in Cheese Me.
    Why are Miami food trucks so expensive??
    When I tried food from Latin burger the first It was good.I really like the fries and the burger was well cook but what it stopping me from eating something from them is the expensive prices! Aren’t food trucks supposed to be cheaper than restaurants? Because is not looking like it. For my food was 11 something.
    When my dad ate the first time he bought two burgers,two tacos and fries for him and my sister and it was $30! He said he really like it but not eating anything again from here because is too expensive.
    He also said that the burgers should be at least bigger for the price they sell it and that the fries should have more.

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