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Latin Burger And Taco Truck vs. MAO Colombian Fast Food

Last night, the Latin Burger & Taco Truck was finally in my hood aka Westchester. I was excited because I knew I could convince my parents to check it out. The truck was parked at a car wash on 84th and Bird Road.

My high tech map partially taken from a MAO flyer
My High Tech Map Partially Taken From a MAO Flyer

It was busy and in the midst of this, the owner of MAO Colombian Fast Food (which is right across the street) came over and started complaining in Spanish to the manager of the car wash. I guess that wasn’t enough so he decides to start shouting in broken English to Jim Heins, one of the owners of Latin Burger & Taco Truck (Ingrid Hoffman is the other). He was screaming at him that was going to go to jail. I didn’t think anything of it, but the guy was really steamed.

A few minutes later the Police show up. Jim shows off their license(s) and they are good. I know someone is going to say, “How do I know MAO’s owner called the police on them?”

The answer: As luck would have it, the 911 operator who directed the call is a friend of mine. Mao’s owner called in an “Illegal Vendor”. Too bad it didn’t work out for him, but he shouldn’t worry about what is going on across the street from him where he has no say.

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