Raspados Loly’s – Sweetwater, Florida

My wife Marcela introduced me to Raspados Loly’s back in 1998. Raspados are Nicaraguan Icees. There’s a giant block of ice which is shaved, packed into a cup and layered with Dulce de leche.

You don’t have to choose Dulce de leche though, there are other flavors like Nancite (yellow cherries), Tamarindo, Pineapple, Jocote (a type of plum), Strawberry, Mango and Mamoncillo(when in season). You can also order it “con relleno” which means they’ll add some poundcake to it. Raspados Loly’s originated in Nicaragua and has been around for over 50 years.

Block of Ice


Flavor Options

Flavoring a Raspado

The shop also sells regular icees, Ice cream, Nicaraguan cajetas (sweets) and my personal favorite, Nicaraguan Coke.

Nicaraguan Coke

Marcela also loves Coyolitos. Coyolitos are like a bitter coconut. The inside is ground up, rolled into a ball and then rolled again in sugar. They look like little chocolate doughnut balls. Personally, I thought it taste like bad licorice.


If you’ve never had a Raspado I say you give it a try and Marcela wanted me to pass along a suggestion. Order the Dulce de leche con relleno and make sure you mash it up, she says it tastes better that way.

Raspados Loly’s
10404 W Flagler Street, Suite 6, Miami, FL