My Man v. Food Live Adventure

Man V. Food Miami

I sent in an email originally asking to get a Press Pass for the Man v. Food event. I was turned down and told they would not be issuing one. Eventually an email address was listed on the Travel Channel website with a detailed explanation of what needed to be done to be considered to be a part of the “Tailgate Party”. I sent in my email and waited. I received a reply a few days later asking me to confirm my attendance. I did confirm and then again a few days later I received my final email with instructions which are listed below:

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Being supremely paranoid that we might be late we left way early and arrived by 4:00PM (5:15PM was the audience arrival time). There was already a line formed of a good 25 or so people when we arrived.

The line at 4:00PM

The line at 4:00PM

Someone came up to confirm that are our names were indeed on the list and gave us black wrist bands. We waited about 30 minutes there before we were escorted to a waiting area where we were seated for another hour and a half or so.

Waiting Area with TV in the Background

Waiting Area with TV in the Background

We were watching via a TV some live rehearsals as well as some Travel Channel programming. One of the guys behind me mentioned that whenever he sees Samantha Brown on the TV he knows it’s time to change the channel (bad times for her).  All the Travel Channel employees were very courteous and offered water and soft drinks several times.

Last picture I take before we're asked to turn off our phones, Left to right: Jose-Marcela-John

Last picture I take before we’re asked to turn off our phones, Left to right: Jose-Marcela-John

A couple of things I’d like to point out:

  • 1) All must be 18 and up – Not true, there were children there
  • The No Logos & White was also not true. Anyone wearing something they deemed not appropriate for TV were given Man v. Food Live T-shirts. Great deal for them.
  • No cel phones (must be off) or cameras – This totally not true. There was a dude right next the guys in blue during the Burger & Beer Joint challenge who was using his cel phone while the show was live on the air. I could have bashed that guy’s brain in. “Yeah, I’m on live TV, on Travel Channel etc…” More than once.
  • I mentioned I was wearing a Black Wristband. Depending on the color of your wristband you were told to stand in a particular area. Our area was by Tony Luke’s and Lou’s. And we were told not to move from there.
  • If you were part of the V.I.P. area you were given liquor and soft drinks. We had water. Most of the V.I.P. folks were also talking on their phones and taking pictures. I guess it pays to be V.I.P.
The very first intro scene where Adam Richman is seated and he’s surrounded by all the fans was filmed at 6:30PM everything else was live. We were finally allowed to eat food at 8:45PM and told to make sure we had plates of food in our hands when the tapings begin. We were also told we would be switching the areas we were located in once the filming began but that went out the window and everyone went wherever they wanted.

The Restaurants Available to Eat from and what was Served:

Sarussi (Miami): Sarussi Original
Harold’s NY Deli (New Jersey): Triple Decker Sandwich, Chocolate Cake, Giant Eclair
Tony Luke’s (Philadelphia): Cheeseteak (Philly style)
Lou’s Giant Subs (Pompano Beach): Giant Cold Cut Sub, it was about 12 feet long
Sports Grill (Miami): Special Grilled Wings
Burger & Beer Joint (Miami Beach): Mini version of their Thunder Road Burger

When the filming about to start I was asked to move about 5 times in a row, apparently I kept choosing spots where Adam Richman was going to be doing his initial run through. I was finally positioned behind Lou’s Giant Subs and if you watch the episode you can actually see me standing there in my blue/yellow striped polo shirt when Adam Richman walks by it. I didn’t find being part of the live crowd to be very interesting, as not very much was really going on. The best portion of the show was the 10 lb. challenge involving Burger & Beer Joint’s Mother Burger. After that came the wings challenge with the football players and it was totally lame. John and I decided it was time to go but Marcela stayed behind with Jose. He was desperate to come out on TV and meet Adam Richman. Jose finally came out on TV during the Shula’s Steak Challenge at the very end, he’s wearing a yellow shirt and he’s to the right of the screen.  Marcela was also able to get him a Man v. Food Live shirt. The staff was great and very friendly as was the crowd except for a few meatheads. Adam Richman is a legit nice guy as I watched when the cameras were off.

Once we got home, Marcela and I watched the replay at 1AM and I was hoping the show looked better on TV. I was disappointed to see that it didn’t. Most of the challenges, including the final one with the 48 oz were not very exciting. He could have obviously finished it faster and he was milking it. Hearing those same annoying chants over and over didn’t help especially since they would drown out anything Adam Richman had to say. I was disappointed by Man v. Food Live and from what I hear, I wasn’t the only one.

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Comments (2):

  1. Tere

    February 5, 2010 at 2:07 PM

    Having worked in TV production, I get some of these rules; it helps maintain some sanity and allows crew to do their job. But… it does indeed sound like it was a letdown. Wonder how much, if any, of it had to do with not really knowing Miami and what a good challenge would be… or maybe Miami has no really good challenges.

  2. Edric

    February 7, 2010 at 6:55 AM

    You looked like you hated your life when they showed you