Michael’s Genuine Food And Drink – Miami Design District, Florida

Last year at SoBe’s Burger Bash I had a taste of Michael’s Genuine’s burger. It was a longtime coming that I finally visit Michael’s Genuine. While you never really know what to expect when you check out a restaurant I’ve always heard good things about Michael’s Genuine. I was seated by the window on the inside of the resto next to another couple that was friendly (I didn’t need to mention that part but I figured, why not). I had some of MGFD’s Crispy Hominy. I thought it was really good and I liked the seasoning a whole bunch.

Crispy Hominy w/ Chile & Lime

Next up was the Harris Ranch Black Angus Burger with Vermont Cheddar Cheese and their house smoked bacon. This burger is sick (in a good way). Wow! Was all I could say to myself. On this day, they were serving the burger on a Ciabatta Bread not the normal Brioche Bun. This of course meant only 1 thing, I need to come back and try it on the Brioche Bun.

Harris Ranch Black Angus Burger on Ciabatta

I concluded my meal with Hedy Goldsmith’s (MGFD’s Pastry Chef) Candies, Cookie’s & Confections platter. Take a good look at it. Everything there is homemade from the homemade Marshmallows to the Sugar Cookie. I’m not a dessert expert but this is the “good stuff”.

Candies, Cookies & Confections Platter

So a few days pass and I decide it’s time to come back and try out the Burger again (this time on the Brioche bun). It’s also time to try the Deviled Eggs and the Chile Chicken Wings. The Deviled Eggs tasted like the most delicious Egg Salad Sandwich ever sans the bread.

Deviled Eggs

The Wings were crispy with a sweetish glaze. Nice flavor.

Chile Chicken Wings w/ Creamy Cucumbers

Since I hadn’t mentioned it yet I probably should, the service at Michael’s is exceptional. The Harris Ranch Black Angus Burger is served up next but this time with the Brioche bun ( topped with Rogue Creamery Smoke Blue Cheese and Bacon).

Harris Ranch Black Angus Burger on Brioche

Out of the park. Honestly, this is the real deal. I loved the freshness of the burger. I loved their house smoked Bacon. I loved their Fries (best I’ve had in a long while). I also ordered some of their fresh Doughnuts with Coffee.

Hedy Goldsmith’s Doughnuts

I was tempted to dunk the doughnuts in the coffee but they tasted better as I inhaled them one by one. So, where do I go from here? I’m planning my trip back to Michael’s to eat their homemade Potato Chips and check out the Harris Ranch Burger again. I’m just trying to help them out with quality control.

P.S.: The Burger is only available for Lunch during Weekdays.

Enjoy Something Genuine:

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink
130 N.E. 40th Street, Miami, Florida

Comments (3):

  1. GhenghisJuan


    holy crap that looks good. perfectly cooked too, that pinkish hue is a sign of mastery.

  2. SteveBM


    The potato chips and dip are effin awesome. I cracked up at the "quality control" line LOL

  3. Adhara


    The Cheese grits are Devine and the Short Ribs are the BEST DISH i have EVER eaten. I have yet to try the burger, but I will get it next time I'm there.


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