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South Beach Wine And Food Festival Amstel Light Burger Bash 2010 Hosted By Rachael Ray

Burger Bash 2010 Entrance

The Facts:

  • 27 hamburgers prepared by a culinary team of 120 representing 10 states in a 25,000 sq/ft tent
  • Over 7,500 lbs. of 10 different varieties of ground meat to make up 48,600 burger portions
  • 400 lbs. of smoked bacon
  • 500 lbs. of coleslaw
  • 1.5 TONS of Idaho Potatoes
  • 6,000 Tater Tots
  • 125 gallons of Heinz ketchup and mustard
  • 7,000 servings of Amstel Light Beer
  • One 18-seat Amstel Light beer bike with 36 peddles
  • 206 Florida International University (FIU) Student Volunteers
  • 276 hours of kitchen prep time
  • 2,400 Amstel Light People’s Choice voting chips to cast
  • One bacon milkshake
  • One bourbon snow-cone
  • 267 pieces of equipment to create 27 full cooking kitchens in the sand

The Burgers:

8 oz. Burger Bar (Govind Armstrong):
Burger: Three Little Pigs Pork Burger with Pickled Onions, Avocado and Poblano Relish
Side: Potato Chorizo Croquette with Smoked Paprika Aioli

Allen Brothers Chef: Girl & The Goat (Stephanie Izard): 
Burger: Sweet and Spicy – Ground Beef and Bacon with Sweet Onion Ailoi and Kimchee Relish
Side: Ham Fries – Ham infused French Fries with ground Ham Salt

Girl & The Goat
Girl & The Goat

Amstel Light Chef: X Cafe (Jake Linzinmeir): 
Burger: Amstel Light Burger Bash National Contest Winner’s Burger
Side: Lobster Brie Tater Tots

X Cafe
X Cafe

B Spot (Michael Symon):
Burger: Fat Doug – Burger with Swiss, Pastrami and Coleslaw
Side: Baconater-Vanilla Bean, Apple Pie and Bacon Milkshake

B Spot
B Spot

Bill’s Bar & Burger (Brett Reichler):
Burger: Bill’s Classic with American Cheese – Secret Blend of Fresh Ground Daily Beef Hand Pressed and Griddled, served with Lettuce, Tomato and Pickles on the side
Side: Traditional Housemade Coleslaw

Bill's Bar & Burger
Bill’s Bar & Burger

Bistro One LR at The Ritz‐Carlton (Thomas Connell):
Burger: Gougère Burger – Mini burger on Gougère bun, Tarragon Pickle, Shaved Red Onion & Frizee
Side: Shiitake Pommes Frites

Blackberry Farm (Joseph Lenn):
Burger: Chow Chow Cheeseburger – Bacon-Beef Burger with Chow Chow, Pimento Cheese, Ramp Mayonnaise and Pickled Okra on Potato Onion Bread
Side: Baked Peanuts

Blackberry Farm
Blackberry Farm

BLT Burger (Laurent Tourondel):
Burger: “BLT” Burger – Tarragon-Russian Dressing, Applewood Smoked Bacon and Aged Cheddar
Side: Hand Cut Fries & Coleslaw

BLT Burger
BLT Burger

Bobby’s Burger Palace (Bobby Flay): 
Burger: Dallas Burger Crunchified – Spice Crusted Burger with Coleslaw, Monterey Jack Cheese, BBQ Sauce and Pickles
Side: None.

Bourbon Steak (Gabriel Fenton):
Burger: Michael Mina’s Signature Beef Burger – Signature blend of Ground Beef, cooked on a wood burning grill, served with melted Aged Cheddar, Balsamic Grilled Onions, our Secret Sauce, Shredded Baby Romaine Lettuce and garnished with a Pickle and Pepperoncini.
Side: Michael Mina’s Herb Duck Fat Fries + Spicy Ketchup & Bourbon Steak Snow Cones

Bourbon Steak (pic courtesy of Paula Niño)
Bourbon Steak (pic courtesy of Paula Niño)

China Grill Management (Jeff & Zach Chodorow):
Burger: Jeff and Zach’s Bacon Beach Burger – Griddled 6oz Patty, Martin’s Potato Roll, Bacon, American Cheese, McClure’s Spicy Pickles, Red Onion and Special Sauce
Side: The Kentucky Serviceman – Jalapeño infused Bourbon (Jim Beam) with Watermelon Juice and Fresh Mint

China Grill Management
China Grill Management

David Burke’s Primehouse (David Burke):
Burger: 40 Day Dry Aged Burger – With Cheddar, Cripsy Shrimp, Pickle Chipotle Mayo, Maple Pepper Bacon and Pickled Watermelon Skewer
Side: Pommes Souffles with BBQ Bacon Wax

David Burke's Primehouse
David Burke’s Primehouse

db Bistro Moderne (Olivier Muller):
Burger: The Frenchie – Beef Burger with Confit Pork Belly, Arugula, Tomato-Onion Compote and Morbier Cheese on Peppered Brioche Bun
Side: Bacon Pommes Dauphine

db Bistro Moderne (pic courtesy of Paula Niño)
db Bistro Moderne (pic courtesy of Paula Niño)

Every Day with Rachael Ray Winner – Jennifer Barthell: 
Burger: Pomegranate Feta Burgers
Side: Food Should Taste Good Chips

Good Stuff Eatery (Spike Mendelsohn):
Burger: Farmhouse Bacon Cheeseburger – Applewood Smoked Bacon, American Cheese, Ruby Red Tomato, Lettuce and Red Onion on a Fresh Potato Bun
Side: Pink Cotton Candy Shake

Good Stuff Eatery
Good Stuff Eatery

Love Shack (Tim Love):
Burger: Dirty Love Burger – A 50/50 Combination of Ground Brisket and Ground Tenderloin, topped with Shredded Lettuce, American Cheese, Love Sauce, Applewood Smoked Wild Boar Bacon, Housemade Pickles and a Fried Quail Egg. All served on a Mrs. Baird’s Bun.
Side: Chili Parmesan Chips & Tuaca Chocolate Milkshake

Love Shack
Love Shack

Marc Burger (Marcus Samuelsson):
Burger: Crunchy BBQ Kobe Burger – Kobe Beef Burger topped with Chunky BBQ Sauce and served with 3:2:1 Pickles
Side: 3:2:1 Pickles

Marc Burger
Marc Burger

Meat Market (Sean Brasel):
Burger: South Beach Market Slider – Wood Grilled Slider with Truffle Horseradish Aioli and Local Arugula served on Brioche Kaiser Rolls
Side: Gouda Tater Tots

Meat Market
Meat Market

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (Michael Schwartz):
Burger: Michael’s Genuine Bacon Cheeseburger – House Smoked Bacon, White Cheddar, Heirloom Tomato, Local Lettuce on a Brioche Bun
Side: Crispy Hominy with Chili and Lime

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Morimoto Masaharu (Morimoto):
Burger: Morimoto Pork “Kakuni” Burger – Beef Burger topped with Glazed Pork Belly
Side: None.

Moxie, The Restaurant / Red, The Steakhouse (Jonathan Bennet & Peter Vauthy):
Burger: The Moxie Burger – Certified Angus Beef, Adam’s Reserve Cheddar, Nueske’s Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, on a Challah Bun with Herb Aioli
Side: Red’s Truffle & Pecorino Idaho Fingerling Potato Chips

Moxie Burger
Moxie Burger

Porter House New York (Michael Lomonaco):
Burger: “The Steakhouse” with Everything Burger – Classic Steakhouse Chuck & Sirloin Burger with Creamy Cheddar and Bacon topping, Smoked Chili Sauce, Sliced Tomato and Lettuce
Side: Lower East Side Knish

Porter House New York
Porter House New York

Rocco DiSpirito:
Burger: Pork and Chow Chow Slider – All Pork Miniature Burger flavored with Walnuts, wrapped in Bacon and served on a Soft Bun with Chow Chow and Pickled Beets
Side: Pickled Beets

Rocco DiSpirito
Rocco DiSpirito

Shake Shack (Jon Vandegrift):
Burger: Shack Burger – Our Signature Burger served with Lettuce,Tomato and our Homemade Shack Sauce
Side: South Beach Concrete

South Beach Diet (Dr. Arthur Agatston):
Burger: Inside-Out Cheeseburgers – Turkey burger filled with Goat Cheese and topped with Microgreens and Plum Tomato on a Flaxseed Whole Wheat Bun
Side: Pineapple Salsa

South Beach Diet (pic courtesy of Paula Niño)
South Beach Diet (pic courtesy of Paula Niño)

The Standard Hotel (Mark Zeitouni):
Burger: Mini Blue Burger – Classic Mini Burger with Crumbled Maytag Blue Cheese
Side: Homemade Tater Tots

The Standard
The Standard

Toro (Ken Oringer):
Burger: Toro Burger Messy Style – Combination of Ground Short Rib and Chuck, Cooked a la Plancha with Pickled Onion, Iceburg Lettuce, American Cheese and Secret Sauce on a Soft Potato Roll
Side: Mexico City Street Corn – Grilled Corn with Cotya Aioli and Pimenton Espelette

Toro (pic courtesy of Paula Niño)


The Desserts:

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (Jeni Briton): Salty Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Brown Butter Almond Brittle, & Cherry Lambic Sorbet

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Jean Georges Restaurant (Johnny Iuzzini): Crunchy Chocolate Peanut Butter and Jelly Pop

Jean Georges Restaurant
Jean Georges Restaurant

Sunny Anderson: Baklava Cups

Levain Bakery (Connie McDonald & Pamela Weekes): Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie & Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookie

Levain Bakery
Levain Bakery

The Winners:

Heinz Ketchup’s Best Dressed Burger: Morimoto

Idaho Best Side: The Standard Hotel’s Homemade Tater Tots

Allen Brother’s Golden Grill Award: Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

People’s Choice: Michael Symon’s B Spot 

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