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Steve’s Pizza – North Miami, Florida

Steve's Pizza Exterior

Everyone is always telling me how amazing Steve’s Pizza is. Jarce (my bud) visited Steve’s on his ill-fated attempt at a column, Late Night with Jarce on this blog. My wife Marcela and I decided to drive up to Steve’s and see what this hype was all about. There’s graffiti everywhere as if this pizza parlor was from the movie the Warriors.

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It adds some character to the place. They serve individual slices but I felt we should order a full pie to make sure we weren’t getting some reheated Pizza with toppings thrown on it. I ordered half Cheese and half Pepperoni/Ground Beef. It was actually supposed to be half Pepperoni and half Pepperoni/ground Beef but I messed up so Marcela got no pep (it didn’t stop her from stealing some from my side). I ordered half a dozen Garlic Rolls and a Meatball sub.

Garlic Rolls
Garlic Rolls

They shout my name and the rolls are ready. The rolls were definitely the best thing we had. We housed those. Next up to bat was the Meatball Sub.

Meatball Sub
Meatball Sub

It was the same type of Meatball Sub you get at pretty much every pizza place but at least it’s better than Subway.

Pizza Pie
Steve’s Pie
Pizza Slice Closeup
Slice Closeup

Luckily, they weren’t shy with the toppings on the Pizza. It was good but in no way was it amazing. The Pepperoni(s) had a strong taste which was nice. Semi-fluffy crust not crispy for those with inquiring minds. I was expecting it to be better after everything I had heard but you know as “they” say, it is what it is.

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Steve’s Pizza
12101 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL

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  • I always thought Steve's "amazingness" was more related to their operating hours (still 'til 4 a.m., I think?) than the actual pizza. I've always found it slightly inferior pizzeria fare. The sauce, the cheese, the toppings: a little cheap, a little sweet, and perhaps a little canned.

    It doesn't take much to be the best thing going at four in the morning; lunchtime, your random average pizzeria beats it.

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