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Mashed Potatoes w/ Turkey Gravy

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Before I even took a look at the menu at P.J. Clarke’s I went to check out the restroom. A friend of mine had told me I should take a gander. They were right. It was very saloon like and odd so I liked it. I sat down and while the bar area was over run by people, the dining area wasn’t anywhere near as full. I order their Burger with Cheese and decide not to go “The Cadillac” route (Bacon & Bheese), Onions though are a different thing. The sides are a la carte (ordered separately). Instead of choosing the Fries which were the obvious choice I opted for the Mashed Potatoes w/Turkey Gravy.

Mashed Potatoes w/ Turkey Gravy
Mashed Potatoes w/ Turkey Gravy

The Mashed Potatoes were very creamy and Buttery. The Turkey Gravy does it no justice. The ‘Tatoes stood well on their own. Just as I was being served my Burger I saw someone at another table receiving their Fry order. The Fries are served in a cylinder and they seemed to have really enjoyed their Fries. Yes, I was watching them from a distance.

P.J. Clarke's Cheese Burger
P.J. Clarke’s Cheese Burger
P.J. Clarke's Cheese Burger Halves
P.J. Clarke’s Cheese Burger Halves

So, I’m served the Burger and my first thought is: Wow! This is a small burger. It was obviously fresh and had a great beef grind. Taste-wise the Burger while good was not anything particularly special. I expected a little more, but hey that’s me.

PJ Clarke’s
Facebook: P.J. Clarke’s
Neighborhood: Midtown East
915 3rd Avenue
(between 55th St & 56th St)
New York, NY


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