Chimi Churri Los Primos Food Truck

What the hell is a Chimi? I found myself asking that question. A Chimi can be easily described as a Dominican Burger. It’s served on toasted Italian Bread, topped with Cabbage and a Sauce that is both a bit spicy & sweet. The Super Chimi Los Primos Truck serves Chimis as well as other Dominican delights, Empanadas and natural Juices.

Super Chimi Los Primos Food Truck Menu

I ordered the Chimi and found the Bread to be nice and toasty. When I bit into it I heard a nice crunch followed by the sweet/spicy taste of the “Secret” Dominican Sauce. The Cabbage was a nice change from Lettuce and the Burger itself had a distinct flavor because of the seasoning on it.

A Chimi
Chimi Halves
What’s in a Chimi?

While I thought a Chimi in theory was nothing more than a “Dominican Burger” I learned that it actually is one more part of the Burger’s ever growing and continued evolution.

Eat a Chimi:

Chimi Churri Los Primos
2304 NW 36th St Miami, FL

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Eat. Write. Read. Repeat.

3 thoughts on “Chimi Churri Los Primos Food Truck

  • March 29, 2010 at 2:56 PM

    I see "chimi de pierna" on the menu – isn't "pierna" pork shoulder? Donde está la pierna? And "orejitas de cerdo"? I hear someone calling my name.

  • November 12, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    Morir sonando?! Bollitos?! Empanadas?! Mmmm!!

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