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Gorilla B’s – West Kendall, Florida – CLOSED

Gorilla B's - Kendall, Florida

Gorilla B’s has been around since 2006 but in a bit of a different incarnation. It did not have a storefront and was/is still known for its homemade cheesecakes. For the opening of Gorilla B’s, in addition to the cheesecakes they added a bunch of food you’d find at the fair (you carnies should be excited about this): “Dipped” OREO, Snickers, Twinkies, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Kit Kat, Butterfinger, Funnel Cake, Chloebe Cake (Guava Funnel Cake), Corndogs, Deep Fried Ice Cream Sandwich and “Dipped” Cheesecake.

“Dipped” is Gorilla B’s nice way of saying deep fried. Also on the menu is their hot dog (which is deep fried) and their signature burger, the Boscoe Burger. The toppings for the hot dog are simple, either ketchup (if you’re 5 years old and have ketchup on everything like some people I know) and mustard. There’s a nice deli mustard that has a great horseradish kick to it, it’s not too much though.

The Hot Dog is all beef, served on a hot dog potato bun and because it’s deep-fried gives off a popping noise when you bite into it. The Boscoe Burger is a mix of a Cuban bistec empanizado (breaded steak) and a Cuban frita (Cuban hamburger). It’s topped with potato sticks and served on a potato roll.

Boscoe Burger
Boscoe Burger

The beef patty is tightly packed and seasoned well, then breaded and deep fried.  The patty itself is rather dry. I thought it tasted great but the flavors and dryness worked better with the Boscoe Burger a la Milanese (which includes ham and swiss cheese). I also added some mayo and a bit of the deli mustard. By the way, the owner will cook the burger to a more medium/medium well type of temperature if you ask him.

Boscoe Burger a la Milanese
Boscoe Burger a la Milanese

Gorilla B's - Kendall, Florida

After having the Boscoe Burger, we decided to try one of the “Dipped” items, Kit Kat it is. After dipping and frying, the Kat is topped with powdered sugar and some chocolate syrup.

Gorilla B's - Kendall, Florida
Deep Fried Kit Kat

I’m not a dessert specialist but I liked it, My friend Manny was eating it like someone was going to take the plate away from him. I didn’t get to try the cheesecake but I would definitely like to try the Guava Cheesecake (I ended up trying it later). The owner let us try one of his new concoctions, “Dipped” Twizzlers. I don’t like Twizzlers because it reminds me of stomach medicine but Manny devoured it. The owner is dipping and frying everything in site so if you have any ideas send it his way. I’m sure he’d try it.

Gorilla B's - Kendall, Florida
Guava Cheesecake

Gorilla B’s is CLOSED
14709 Bird Road, Kendall, FL

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  • A friend and I tried this place out this past weekend… The Boscoe Burger was great, and the dipped Twinkie was INCREDIBLE… The texture and taste completely change after it is battered and fried. I had a dipped Milky Way, which was great all by itself. I would highly recommend this restaurant…

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