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National Burger Month

23 Days Into My National Burger Month Challenge

My goal is to have a burger every day of National Hamburger Month, so far so good. After 23 days I’m still in the game:

May  1st: El Mago De Las Fritas: Frita

May  2nd: Checkers: Big Buford

May  3rd: The Filling Station: Malibu Bleu (Burger Blackened and topped with Bleu Cheese) , Sakaya Kitchen: Bulgogi Burger (Bulgogi marinated Angus Beef Patty, Spicy Tots, Cheese Sauce, Porkbelly, Ssamjang, Spicy Mayo, House Pickle)

May  4th: Fuddruckers: 2/3 lb. 3 Cheese Burger, Steak ‘n Shake: Wisconsin Buttery Burger

May  5th: 72nd Bar + Grill: The Juancho Burger (Cheddar Cheese, sunny side up Egg, Bacon & Chimichurri Mayo)

May  6th: Burger King: Double Cheeseburger, McDonald’s: Quarter Pounder w/cheese

May  7th: 8 oz. Burger Bar: The 8 oz. (cave aged Gruyere and house cured Bacon)

May  8th: Miami Subs: Double Cheeseburger

May  9th: Wendy’s: Baconator Double w/cheese

May 10th: One Burger: Black Castle Burger

May 11th: Stop Burger: Big Burger with American Cheese

May 12th: Latin Burger & Taco Truck: The Burger Beast Burger

May 13th: Five Guys: Bacon Cheeseburger

May 14th: Keg South of Pinecrest: Keg Burger with Cheese

May 15th: Quickie’s Burger & Wings of Hollywood: Mini M.O.A.B. Burger

May 16th: El Rey De Las Fritas: Frita

May 17th: Q American Barbeque: Media Noche Burger

May 18th: Burger King: Whiplash Whopper

May 19th: Los Perros: Hamburguesa De Carne

May 20th: Sakaya Kitchen: Double Bulgogi Burger

May 21st: Super Subs Etc: Cheeseburger Sub

May 22nd: EVOS: Double Steakburger with Cheese, Dave & Busters: Double Cheeseburger

May 23rd: Mini Burgers from Publix: Cooked by me for my LOST finale BBQ. I would like to add that I also had a few Nathan Hot Dogs.

Only 1 week to go….

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