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Best Of New Times 2010 Dade

Best of 2010 Dade Cover

Below are the most important categories (to me at least):

Best Hamburger: Bar Burgers at Bourbon Steak
Reader’s Choice Best Hamburger: Five Guys Burger and Fries

Best Hot Dog: Nassie’s Famous Franks

Best Fries: Mojito Fries
Reader’s Choice Best Fries: Five Guys Burger and Fries

Best Cuban Sandwich: Frita at El Rey De Las Fritas

Best Food Truck: gastroPod Mobile Gourmet

Best Fried Chicken: Magnum Restaurant & Lounge

Best Croquetas: Versailles

Best Wings: Bulldog Barbecue

Best Pizza Joint: Pizza Volante

Best Chef: Jonathan Eismann (Q American Barbeque, Pacific Time, Fin and Pizza Volante)

For the full list of New Times Dade County Best of Food & Drinks go here!

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