Burger Beast’s The Grinder: Ingrid Hoffman

Ingrid Hoffman came to Miami in 1985 from Colombia and in 1993 opened her first (and I believe only) restaurant “Rocca”. She is best known for the program “Simply Delicioso” on the Food Network and her Spanish programs “Delicioso” and “Un Minuto Delicioso” on Galavision. Recently she created the Latin Burger & Taco Truck. Now she’s agreed to answer some questions for Burger Beast’s The Grinder:

Burger Beast: What is your favorite topping(s) on a burger?

Ingrid Hoffman: Caramelized Onion &  Jalapeños & red pepper mayo or a big mac type of sauce – and I like my meat bloody!!!

BEAST: Are you ever going to create a recipe for a Colombian Fast Food Burger with sauces

Hoffman: Would be fun, the bread would be either an arepa or a pan de yuca, toppings possibly aji Colombiano

BEAST: Did you ever consider a Mazorca Desgranada for the Latin Burger menu?

Hoffman: I do a great Mazorca on the grill with cotija cheese and herbs on top or a chimichurri butter

BEAST: Is opening a restaurant again even a consideration for you?

Hoffman: I never say never again, if the possibility is cool, the timing is right perhaps – I have always wanted to perhaps the day I retire, just have like a 4 table restaurant in some great beach setting or farm and mountain and just cook the daily menu and that’s all that would be served. 1 daily menu, small intimate and stress-free

BEAST: We know that you did the “Got Milk?” ad but if I created a “Got Burger?” and would you like to be a part of it?

Hoffman: LOL that would be fun and yes I love burgers so why not “Got Burger”

About Burger Beast’s The Grinder:

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