Burger Beast’s The Grinder: George Duran

Watching George Duran on Food Network’s Ham On The Street made me fearless with my crazy food combinations. I loved that show and if you’ve never seen it, I’d suggest you search it out. George now has a gig on TLC where he hosts Ultimate Cake Off but unfortunately, you don’t get to see the Ham on the Street George Duran on there. If you’d like that version, I’d tell you to check out either George Duran or his Facebook Page. He’s a funny dude plus he let me put him through The Grinder:

Burger Beast: Back in 2009, my wife met you at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash. You mentioned that you liked your burger still “kicking and screaming” Anything change since then?

George Duran: I still stand by my word. I love rare burgers…in fact, I’ve become a big fan of steak tartare (even if it’s not technically a burger). I cringe when I go to a great burger joint and I hear someone at the table next to me say “well done please”. I want to get up and punch them in the face, then apologize and buy them a rare burger.

BEAST: In your cookbook, “Take This Dish and Twist It”, there are some great recipes and fans of Ham On The Street will appreciate your humor & quirky style throughout but there’s only one burger recipe. Why are you holding out on us?

Duran: Dude, that burger recipe is the single best burger recipe in the country. No need for anything else. Actually, the recipe has evolved a bit and has been perfected. I now make the world’s best burger and anyone who wants to challenge me (bring it on Bobby) can come over and have a grill-off.

George’s World’s Best Burger

BEAST: Which topping is a big no-no for burgers?

Duran: What a fantastic question. There’s nothing that can’t be topped on burgers except for cotton candy as it would melt with the heat of the burger.

BEAST: As a New Yorker you’re qualified to answer this question, is NYC the Burger capital of the world?

Duran: Hell yeah. Every week when I open New York Magazine or Time Out New York, there are 3 or 4 new burger joints popping up. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, America’s next big burger joint is opening here in NYC at the end of this summer. It’s called “4food” and it’s guaranteed to blow every burger joint out of the water.

BEAST: With your current hosting duties, what’s the likelihood of an Ultimate Burger-Cake Off episode?

Duran: I pray every night before I go to sleep that this comes true. In fact, I’m not much of a cake expert. But if the show were about burgers, I’d be the happiest man on Earth.

BEAST: Would you get mad if I created a show called Spam on the Sidewalk?

Duran: Do it man! Do it! Just pick up the phone when my lawyer calls…

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