Hamburlooca – Managua, Nicaragua

My sister in law brings me a burger from Hamburlooca in Nicaragua and I compare it against Burger King's Whopper.

When my sister in law told me about Hamburlooca I was dying to know more. Hamburlooca is a burger chain based out of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital. Last year, this same relative brought me the Whopper from Nicaragua. I enjoyed comparing it to the U.S. Whopper (the U.S. Whopper was significantly larger) to it. After receiving the Guess what I got you from Nicaragua?┬ácall, I was happy to hear that it was indeed a Hamburlooca burger.

You should assume that she knows me well enough to bring me the Super 1/4 Libra (translation: Super Quarter Pounder).

Milagros also brought me some flyers from Hamburlooca. Look them over, some of those Burger pics look suspiciously like McDonald’s & Burger King Sandwiches.

One U.S. dollar is equal to about 21 or 22 Cordobas in Nicaragua, in case you’d like to figure the approximate cost of the food over there.

I needed a burger for scale so I figured I’d get a Whopper (from the U.S.) to give you an idea of how big this Hamburlooca really is. The bun on this thing was enormous. It was cut similar to the Big Boy or Big Mac burgers with a middle bun. It was a very fluffy bread.

Once I took the top bun off I knew I was in for trouble. It had a very sausage breakfast patty-like look and texture to it. The Super 1/4 Libra is four thin patties with only cheese on the top burger. The holy trinity of fast food sauces (ketchup, mustard & mayo) was on the top burger as well as the one under the middle bun. Those sauces could not save this “burger”.

It was horrid and one thing is for sure, that wasn’t burger meat (at least what I consider burger meat). I’m pretty sure there was soy and vegetable in their patty. I had about four bites before I gave up. It was just not enjoyable. My brother in law, who is Nicaraguan and enjoys eats iguanas (a delicacy in Nicaragua) thought it was revolting, that should tell you everything. He actually thought I was putting him on when I told him it was from Hamburlooca in Nicaragua.

There was about a 4-hour time span from when the burger was purchased to when it reached my grubby little hands (I’m sure some of you were wondering). There are also hot dogs on the menu but after having this burger, I don’t think a souvenir wiener from Hamburlooca is in the cards for her next trip. Now a Big Mac…that’s a different story.

Hamburlooca vs Whopper, side by side

Hamburlooca vs Whopper, size-wise they’re very close from this angle at least

The Hamburlooca Super 1/4 Libra towers over the Whopper once unwrapped

Hamburlooca’s sausage texture-like burger

The Hamburlooca Super 1/4 Libra

A look inside at the Super 1/4 Libra

Take a good look at that “burger meat”

Hamburlooca Coupon & Flyers

Hamburlooca Coupon

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  1. Jose Icaza


    First of all I greet and congratulate you for your website. I see many people take into account your comments so it should be important to you and your readers that they be true and accurate. However after reading the comment that you had of my restaurant chain HAMBURLOOCA I see you make at least some of your comments without a solid foundation and I say this for the following reasons:
    First of all you said you do not know which method was used to cook this burger. The method is simple. We use the same method that McDonalds and many others in the burger industry use which is cooking the meet on the grill. You also mentioned that it looked like a sausage patty. Though it may look like one it is a meat patty. (If you go to McDonalds or Burger King and compare their beef patty with their sausage patty I can assure you that in appearance they are very similar.)
    You also stated that it was not beef and you said it tasted like soy which is completely false. I can assure you 100% ground beef is used to make these patties and that it is first class MEAT here in Nicaragua which is a superior meat quality to the meat you find in the United States because this country (Nicaragua) is a livestock country, so much so that the U.S. imports the meat from our country so I assure you that its quality is the same as that of Burger King and McDonalds or better. In fact, many American citizens like you and I have come to eat at my restaurant and have appreciated the taste of our hamburgers, one of them said to me recently and I quote "This is a Burger".

    In your comments you say that the burger went through a period of time of 4 hours after being purchased until you had the chance to taste it. Everyone knows that even 30 minutes after any meal is made it tastes different, so much so that almost all fast food chain restaurants such as Burger King, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut just to name a few, after 30 minutes of having made the meal throw it away because it is not advisable to risk the lower food quality.

    In addition, your calculation of supposedly 4 hours since they bought the burger until you had it in your hands is also ridiculous. Supposing whoever took you the burger went straight to the airport, it would take at least 6 hours before you ate it. It's a fact that here in Nicaragua you have to be at the airport up to 3 hours before your flight for pre-check and they do not let food from outside the airport come in which means that this burger had to go in a packed suitcase. Now I don't know where you live but if you live in Miami it is a 2 hours and 20 minutes flight, if you live in Houston it is 3 hours and 25 minutes flight, and if you live in Los Angeles it is 5 hours and 40 minutes flight. So if you do the math it would take 3 hours for pre-check in, plus 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to Miami (the closest airport), at least 40 minutes more from the time you get off the plane, collect your luggage and leave the airport and supposing your house is near the airport about 20 more minutes (which I bet that's not the case) ending in a total sum of 6 hours and 20 minutes minimum and that is if the person that took the burger to you is an American citizen because if the person is not then he or she must have had to go through customs for about 1 to 2 hours. So that would make it even more, coming out to a total of 8 hours and 20 minutes. Everyone knows that a meal that has been cooked 8 hours prior to being eaten does not taste fresh and it could even be dangerous for a person's stomach. But thank you for the mention on your site because there is no bad publicity and I invite you to come to Nicaragua and try my burger again, BUT this time as it should be eaten fresh and straight from my kitchen. I can assure you that your opinion will be different.

    • Eskew Young


      If you want a GREAT hamburger in Nicaragua. Go to Ticuantepe and look for a place called “Q Dog”. The hamburgers are all beef with washed lettuce, onion slice, tomato slice, mustard, mayo and a sauce they make. There are two sizes, regular and double burger. The hotdogs are very good as well. The cost is $c35 for the regular and $c50 for the double. Very tasty food there. They are closed on Mondays and the hours are 4pm til 9pm. Check em out.

        • Eskew Young


          Yes, I am the owner. It took some time to get things right. I think and our customers seem to think the hamburgers are really GREAT. I hope to one day have a couple of more places. One in Managua and another in Granada where there are more customers for burgers. I have had to ad local food to the menu but we will always have burgers. We have been open for only 6 months and are acquiring a following for our burgers.

  2. Franzis


    you guys need to calm down!

  3. Tito E. Giron


    Perhaps I can settle this. I live in Miami (Weston), wife is from Nicaragua (Chinandega) and we frequently visit. Hamburlooca has a location in Chinandega and used to be one of the only burger joints in that town or region of Nicaragua for that matter. We are friends with the owner.

    However, friendship aside, I would not eat there. It would be most acceptable to locals that are not well versed in the art of fine hamburger making. Actaully, one of the problems with Nicaraguan beef (which is actually some of the best) is that it is range fed and has very little fat content. This is death from the start for any hamburger, and certainly not the fault of the burger joint.

    Anyway, how could anyone ship a hamburger on a 2 1/2 hour flight, plus time to get order, get to airport, check-in, customs, immigration, security, etc… and then same thing on the onther end. I agree with the owner that this would take at least 6 hours, unless they flew it in a private jet (which I doubt).

    You are not comparing apples and apples.

    But there is a Burger King now open in Chinandega, my choice around the world when in doubt.

    • eskew young


      I had a Burger King burger in Managua and it was not very good at all and way over priced.


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