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George Motz is best known for being a burger expert. His documentary and book, Hamburger America is my burger bible and should be a part of every burger fan’s collection. George has also been keeping himself busy with the NYC Food Film Festival and the upcoming Chicago Food Film Festival taking place on September 24 & 25th. So after harassing George a few times, he was able to take time away from ravaging a burger to be put through The Grinder:

Burger Beast: What’s more of a crime? Having your Burger cooked well done or having ketchup on your Burger?

George Motz: Whoa, definitely overcooking is more of a crime! Though you sure can ruin a good burger with ketchup. I’d have to say worst case scenario would be an overcooked burger with ketchup on it. Yuck.

BEAST: If your life ended tonight, where would you eat your last Burger from?

Motz: My kitchen. I’d head down to my butcher, say good-bye and pick up a good fatty piece of chuck, take it home, grind it and make myself a smashed, fried-onion burger.

BEAST: What’re the biggest mistakes most restaurants make when creating “New” Burgers?

Motz: Straying from the tried-and-true soft, toasted white squishy bun tends to be the biggest mistake. And most who believe that a white squishy is not gourmet enough is forgetting that the hamburger itself should not be treated like a gourmet item.

BEAST: How many toppings are too many?

Motz: Three. Any more than that and you can’t taste the damn burger. Usually, grilled onion is all I need.

BEAST: I’m thinking about writing a book entitled Cheeseburger USA, you’re not going to sue me are you?

Motz: Naw, I’ll just get some of my goons to kick the piss out of you.

A Burger Bible

BEAST: Is it true Josh Ozersky doesn’t want you on Ozersky.TV?

GM: News to me! I love Josh and I think we have an awesome relationship (on most days). Or maybe he’s just jealous…

About Burger Beast’s The Grinder:

What happens when I ask some chefs, restaurant owners and maybe even celebrities, yes I said celebrities about burgers and other things not pertaining to burgers? You get The Grinder. So sit back, read and enjoy.

“Maybe I even thought there was indeed some small possibility of a “good time”–but I surely had reason to know better. I did know better. But I walked straight into the grinder anyway.” – A.B.

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