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Fall For The Arts Festival At Adrienne Arsht Center Recap

The Fall For The Arts Stage

Thanks to The Miami Herald and the Adrienne Arsht Center for allowing me to choose the food vendors for the event. Thanks to all the food vendors for coming out and putting on a killer display. And of course. thanks to all of you for coming out to The Fall For The Arts Festival especially those who dropped by my tent and said hello. I appreciate the support.

The Fish Box
gastropod & Latin House Grill
Dim Ssam a Gogo & Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burgers
3 Cool Mexican Dudes
The MGFD Cart
Nacho Mama’s Mexican Grill
The Rolling Stove
The Yellow Submarine
Burger Beast T-Shirt & Pins
The Storm that never hit!

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  • So I went to the festival which was EXTREMELY PACKED! WOW! Great music, tons of food, friendly people! Very nice!

    I only managed to visit Latin Burger and Gastropod. I gotta be honest, maybe it was the crazy amount of people there, but Gastropod was both good, and terrible. For my group we ordered the short rib slider, 2 cheeseburgers, 3 smore's and the white corncake, with 3 drinks came out to a whopping $36. The worst was the corncake!! It's supposed to come with a poached egg, slaw, and a crispy white corncake. The corncake was undercooked, and the egg was not poached, it was basically a RAW EGG. This was $6 wasted. I ended up throwing it away because it was just inedible. The short rib slider was nothing special, and really small. The burger was good at least! But wow, everything else was bad. Even the S'mores! $3 for one cracker with a tiny bit of nutella and a coffee flavored marshmallow????

    Latin Burger was alright, but way too greasy for me. I've had Latin Burger before though so I expected it. We only ate there because my boyfriend wanted to try it out.

    I really wanted to try other trucks, but the lines were too long and too disorganized.

    I suggest next year that they rethink the layout. Some of the trucks, like Gastropod were way too close to the stage. We nearly went deaf waiting in line.

    Joey's BBQ Kettle Corn was fantastic! And we passed by your stand, and picked up a few flyers. We are planning on starting a food truck (cuban) within the following year. So we had to check out the festival.

    The music was great and thankfully it didn't rain!!! 😀

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