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Karla Bakery – Flagami, Florida

Karla Bakery Box

Do you know what’s really good? Karla Bakery. Back when I leeched off of my parents, I loved awakening to the smell of Pasteles and fresh Cuban Bread from Karla Bakery on Sunday mornings. There’s nothing better than ripping open that little white box of goodies other than of course stuffing your face with them.

Ham & Cheese Empanda
Ham & Cheese Empanada
Pastelito de Guayaba in their natural habitat
Pastelitos de Guayaba in their natural habitat
Cafe con Leche....not a Latte
Cafe con Leche….not a Latte

Is there a better way to wash down the goodness than with a Cafe con Leche (the breakfast drink of champions)? Cafe con Leche is like a Latte but with some Cuban soul & sass. I also wouldn’t ask for a Latte at any Cuban bakery unless you want to hear  “Que?” or you might become the recipient of a cocotazo.

Karla Bakery
Location #1: 6474 W Flagler Street Miami, FL 33144 <— 24 Hours
Location #2: 8353 W Flagler Street Miami, FL 33144
Location #3: 7004 SW 4th Street Miami, FL 33144

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