Doggi Style Food Cart – CLOSED

I’ve driven past the gas station where Doggi Style is located (57th Avenue and Coral Way after 4pm) at least a dozen times in the last few months. The banner mentioning their Burgers and Hot Dogs facing the street is what caught my eye originally. I learned upon my arrival that Doggi Style sells Venezuelan-style Burgers & Hot Dogs which are heavy on the sauces. They’re serving out of a modified Hot Dog cart. The food reminds me of Colombian style fast food with salad & corn added, sans the cheese . Weird? Sure. Good? Yes. Let’s not kid anyone here, I didn’t have salad on mine but my wife Marcela did.

2 Doggi Style Dogs – Who can have just one?

A Hot Dog Close Encounter

Dude, look at that Parmesan Cheese

The sauces make the dog, the corn is a nice touch and the fact that it’s on a Martin’s Potato Roll is great. I just wish it was a beef dog, that would have made it a grand slam instead of a homerun. Let’s get back to the sauces for a second, there’s a garlic based white sauce that I considered pocketing. I would buy some to take home in a second.

Doggi Style Burger – Pre-Saucing

The Burger has all of the toppings of the dog plus cheese and ham. You can also add lettuce and tomato but that’s not happening to any of my Burgers in this lifetime. I forgot to mention I added bacon and an egg to my Burger. Avocado as an added topping is also an option. My burger tasted great the way it was. Choripan, Pepitos and Parillas are also on the menu. What are those? Come on by and find out.

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Doggi Style is CLOSED
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