O’ Sheehan’s on the Norwegian NCL EPIC Cruise Ship


O’Sheehan’s is located on the Norwegian Cruise Ship, the EPIC. It’s open 24 hours and has a neighborhood tavern feel to it. All the food served here falls in the comfort food category aka my favorite zone. There is no cost for eating here. While you might associate that it’s free with the likelihood that it’s horrible, you’d be wrong. I ate here multiple times and the food was pretty good. Let’s run down the different dishes I had over the 7 or so times I ate here.

The Hot Wings were not the best or biggest Wings I’ve had but they did the job nicely. What the Wings lacked, the Sauce on them made up for. The Sauce was just plain awesome but not much heat though. I’m thinking some Blue Cheese was worked into it. I ended up ordering a side of the Hot Sauce to dip my Fries in a few visits later.


Buffalo Wings

The Chicken Tenders and Mozzarella Sticks were of the packaged warehouse chain variety. Now, that doesn’t make them horrible, just passable. Hey, at least the Honey Mustard was pretty tasty.


Chicken Tenders w/Sauces & Mozz Sticks w/Sauce


Mozzarella Stick w/Sauce

The Burger was a better than average affair. The Bacon was good and the Shoestring Fries were ok. Actually, order the Chips instead of the Fries because they’re the thicker cut Fries and not Chips at all.


Cheeseburger topped with Applewood Smoked Bacon

My favorite dish at O’Sheehan’s turned out to be their Chicken Sandwich. The Sandwich was a Grilled Chicken Breast on a toasted Buttery Bun and topped with a slightly Spicy Mayo-esque Sauce that was great. After having had the Burger the 1st two times, and having the Chicken the 3rd time, I became a Chicken convert. I would highly suggest this as your go-to sandwich on the EPIC.


The Heavenly Chicken Sandwich

The Nachos w/Spinach Dip and Fish & Chips were favorites of my wife.


Nachos w/Spinach Dip


English Style Fish & Chips