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Señor Iguanas Restaurant & Bar – San Miguel – Cozumel, Mexico

Señor Iguanas in Cozumel, Mexico

I had been to the north end of Cozumel’s east coast a few years ago but I didn’t end up eating anywhere. My sister was shopping for who knows what and there was no time to stop and eat. We arrived in Cozumel for this visit,  this area was tops on my must visit locations. There are two restaurants, Señor Iguanas and Mezcalitos as well as a couple of shops in this corner of the island. This is not the tourist part of Cozumel so you will need to hire a taxi to take you there. We decided to hit up Señor Iguanas first so we pulled up a couple of high chairs to their “bar” area and asked the dude behind the counter, “Which beer should we have?”. We asked in Spanish although he does speak some English. He suggested Cerveza Barrilito.

Barrilito Beer
Barrilito Beer

Cerveza Barrilito was refreshing on this warm afternoon and it was made that much better by the breeze coming in from the beach area. I ordered their chicken tacos which oddly enough were flour tortillas, I would have expected corn.

Chicken Taco Triple Threat

The tortillas were doubled up and they didn’t skimp out on the chicken which was in abundance. The chicken was cut up in little chunks, seasoned with some lime and very moist. The sides on the plate were beans and fresh guacamole. My wife loved the beans and the guac but I never actually ended up trying them.

Tortilla Chips
Tortilla Chips
Fresh Salsa
Fresh Salsa

My focus was on the fresh tortilla chips and salsa (pico de gallo) that was served first. We probably could have sat there for hours just having chips and beer and while we didn’t, we’re ready for the next time.  Make some time in your schedule for Señor Iguanas if you’re ever in Cozumel.

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