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Harrison’s Sports Grill – West Miami, Florida – CLOSED

I drive down 57th Avenue between Coral Way and 8th Street a few times a week. Harrison’s replaced a restaurant that had seen better days and that has looked worn out for years now. Harrison’s color scheme is the same as the Hurricanes which means we know who their target audience is. It’s not too far from the UM campus which makes sense. The starters include Jalapeño Poppers, South West Eggrolls, Mozz Sticks and Loaded Nachos but on both trips there I had the wings.

The Wings are flash fried and then grilled, very reminiscent of Sports Grill (who are hailed as Best Wings by about 90% of Miami). The first time, I tried Dante’s Inferno which was really not that hot. The wings themselves are a near masterpiece of flavor. A few days later when I returned, we ordered the BBQ wings which drowned out the great taste of the wing itself with a really delicious BBQ sauce. Both are winners in my book.


Harrison’s Hot Dog appears to be about a 1/4 all beef dog, served on a toasted & lightly buttered dog bun. Options? You can go either Chili, Cheese, Kraut or Chili Cheese. I tried the Chili Cheese Dog and I didn’t dig the Chili at all. On the 2nd go around, I had the Cheese Dog which was great. It’s sliced in half and slightly crispy from the grill. The Cheese is the nacho cheese canned type of sauce.

Chili Cheese Dog

Before we get to the Burger you should know that there’s a Philly Cheese Steak & Chicken Philly on the menu that I didn’t get to try, that’s for you Cheesesteak-o-holics. As per the menu, the Harrison’s 1/2 lb. Burger is half a pound & seemed quite larger to me. I had the Burger with Swiss Cheese but if you so desire you can add Mushrooms, Jalapeños, Bacon or even an extra patty.

Harrison’s Cheese Burger

The Burgers are served with Potato Chips, Fries will run you about 3 bucks more. The Fries are of the crinkle cut frozen variety and not worth the $2.95. When I had the Burger with American Cheese and Bacon I liked it a whole bunch more. It’s a good burger and much better than the one served at Duffy’s right down the street. I liked Harrison’s and I’ll be back to try out their Philly(s) very soon.

Harrison’s Sports Grill is CLOSED
1674 SW Red Road, West Miami

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  • This is my mom's neighborhood and the one I grew up in.

    A long time ago, that place used to be the Blue Grotto where I worked as a teenager.

    Didn't know about this place.

    Definitely will check it out.

  • Hey guys I don't have a username on this site but I am the owner of Harrison's and i just want to thank BurgerBeast for rating our place and posting this article. For those who may not know my family owned and ran The Blue Grotto Italian Restaurant and we have our same pizza, mozz. sticks and minestrone soup. If you liked us then you will Love us now!

    • I grew up in Miami and loved the Blue Grotto Restaurant. We would wait in line for a long time to get in since it was so small, but the food was worth it. Any chance I could get a recipe for the minestrone soup? Been trying for years to duplicate it with no luck and it would make a 58 year old very happy.

  • If they are trying to become better than Duffy's, good
    luck. Don't waste your time. Slow and un-friendly service, nothing special about the food, and beer is beer.

  • This place is great! Go on a Saturday night and play some pool and listen to some live music, for that hater comment, Harrison's is what Duffy's use to be like, pool tables, great music and awesome food with great prices! Been there many times, each time better than the last.

  • Worst service ever!!! We went on a weekday night. Maybe 5 other patrons. I ordered wings and my friend got the burger and onion rings. My wings came out, and I sat and waited for my friends burger to come out. It never did, until I was nearly done with the wings. Server never came by to explain the delay, nor could I get anyone’s attention because no one was on the floor at all! Finally his burger came, but no onion rings. Finally someone comes over and we ask for the rings. He finished his burger, and then finally the onion rings!! Are you kidding me!! My roommate does like the burger so he gets it to go. Every time he has gone to pick up there has been an issue with the grill so pick up is delayed. They compensate by giving a free beer. Don’t bother eating there. Order to go, and don’t expect the food to be ready on time. Enjoy the free beer!!,

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