Ann’s Snack Bar In The NY Times

Ghetto Burger Sign
Ghetto Burger Sign

I’m not easily intimidated but…..Ann, she’s a different story. I first read about Ann’s Snack Bar in the Hamburger America book. I didn’t want to get kicked out, at least not until I got to try her food. I was a good boy that day and enjoyed the grub. She has rules and you must follow them. Now, you wanna talk U.S. Food Landmarks this is definitely one (38 years and still going). Ann’s Snack Bar is up for sale and the New York Times recently did a great story about her: Burger Selling Fast, but the Restaurant Is Not . Read the story. You must eat here before she retires. It’s an unforgettable experience.

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  • when steph and I went up to Atlanta we tried eating here but there were to many people waiting. And right when we got there we were walking up behind someone and she started yelling at them to wait outside. She was pretty scary. lol

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