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Slow Food Truck is the brainchild of Oren Bass and Zach Schwartz. Both are graduates of Johnson & Wales University Miami Culinary School. They try as much as possible to use fresh, local, and seasonal and call their food ‘slow food-inspired culinary creations’. I’ve had a good portion of their menu and thought everything was on point. The Short Rib Sandwich and the Bleu Chicken Sandwich are must-haves.

The Fatty Cheddar Stuffed Burger
Ono Sandwich
Short Rib Sandwich
Bleu Chicken Sandwich

Also, read about their SFT Bistro Lunch Menu

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Slow Food Truck is CLOSED


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  • We just tried this truck & on your recommendation had the Short Rib & Bleu Chicken sandwiches. Both were fresh & delicious! Also tried the caramel, bacon, nut cupcake. A decadent bite sized cupcake with a hint of bacon, which is always good, to end the visit. Yum!

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