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The demise of the GFTA: Gourmet Food Truck Association Miami


The GFTA is done. There’s probably 2 questions you’re asking yourself: 1) Who is the GFTA and/or 2) How does it affect me as a fan of the Street Food scene in South Florida.

The GFTA (Gourmet Food Truck Association) was a group of folks who claimed to be committed to the “better-ment” of the SFL Street Food Scene. They appeared out of nowhere at one of the 1st Miami Street Food Courts in November passing out their propaganda. A few of the Food Truck owners saw right through them and decided to never be involved with them. I never drank the kool-aid either. They had no problem taking credit for the growing scene which rubbed many folks the wrong way. And for those of you keeping score at home, they were only responsible for the Pinecrest/Falls rally on Wednesdays, nothing else.

So how does it affect you? It doesn’t really affect you to be honest with you. The South Florida Street Food Scene will be fine. All trucks will continue to operate and you can track them via their individual Facebook/Twitter pages or via the Burger Beast South Florida Street Food  Miami Food Trucks page.

One last thing, it would make sense to clear up who is responsible for each event and give them their proper credit since that’s what they’re longing for:

Tuesday: The original Miami Street Food Court took place on 65th and Bird Road on a Tuesday. It was an idea Tania from Food Cart USA had with the Dim Ssam a Gogo, The Fish Box and Latin Burger folks. I was brought in at some point to help co-ordinate the festivities. It was successful and ended up spawning all the courts that have come along. It operated mostly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It was disbanded when Miami Dade County showed up on 2 consecutive days and gave warnings to the trucks parked. If they returned, they were to be given a $500 minimum fine.

Tuesday: The BTTR (Biscayne Triangle Truck Round-Up) was created by Jack from Jefe’s. It was created as a rival to the Miami Street Food Court . It is the über successful event that took the Street Food Court thing to another level.

Wednesday: The Brickell Food Court is located at 665 SW 8 ST. Stephanie of Sugar Rush brought this one together.

Thursday: A new Miami Street Food Court took place this past Thursday at 47th and Biscayne Blvd (right behind the Publix). It was actually put together to debut the Burger Beast truck but it seems as if will become a regular thing. Brian from Ms. Cheezious is putting this bad boy together.

Friday: Street Food Fridays is an event sponsored by the Miami Herald and Burger Beast . It take places during lunch time and only on the first Friday of every month.

Friday: The Tamiami Truckers Food Court takes place in Kendall every Friday. It was idea that came about by Bill from Wing Commander and Kevin from Caza Crepes. Kevin from Caza Crepes is the organizer of the event and he’s doing an amazing job with it.

Saturday: Truckers Meet Up was put together by Richard Hales (Sakaya Kitchen restaurant and Dim Ssam a Gogo truck). It had a very successful first event this past Saturday.

New trucks are showing up everyday and along with that, the need for new locations and Street Food Courts. The scene is going to continue to grow. In the end, the GFTA was never needed because it should have been run by the trucks all along.

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  • I gotta admit Beast, it sucks that nobody was able to communicate this to the many food truck fans that follow all you guys on twitter.

    I'm glad for the success that you and the food truck scene in Miami have seen lately, but to have perpetuated this dialogue on twitter and just sort of mocked anybody who asked about it was a dick move.

    I understand there's a bit of swagger that comes from seeing a movement you championed be successful, but remember that social media isn't a monologue and if you're not going to explain something to us right away, you're better off not saying it in the first place.

  • R they ever going to be back on 65th and Bird, or somewhere in the middle between Kendall and Downtown? The South miami People got spoiled, and now we have to travel long lengths and make long lines..

  • Don't forget the TGIFood Truck Wednesdays at Brickell Motors for both lunch and dinner. I think the people from the dealership organize it with help from one of the trucks. I went last week and it was great!

  • Likelihood of them knowing. I'll go with 0% RT @soulofmiami: @MiamiFoodTrucks So, what is up with all this GFTA stuff? Never heard about…

    You should get some hits from that. RT @beachedmiami: Local Food Trucks Turn on GFTA @candidfoodie @BurgerBeast…

    You should probably be asking the @GFTAMiami RT @maybe_baby: @BurgerBeast What's the chisme with all the trucks and GFTA?? Now most of..

    I get that maybe you guys couldn't say anything, but it still sort of seemed like the entire community of food trucks was talking in code for that week or so.

    So again, no hating on my part, but imagine if everybody on your facebook page suddenly changed their status to: "we are no longer friends with Bob" and they all refused to answer who the hell he has what he had done to deserve banishment.

    Twitter is the lifeblood of the food truck scene and sending viral, cryptic messages was just kind of frustrating.

  • Cafeteriamedia,

    One by one I will explain:

    "Likelihood of them knowing. I'll go with 0% RT @soulofmiami: @MiamiFoodTrucks So, what is up with all this GFTA stuff? Never heard about…"

    I'm referencing @MiamiFoodTrucks which has just appeared out of nowhere much like the GFTA did.

    "You should get some hits from that. RT @beachedmiami: Local Food Trucks Turn on GFTA @candidfoodie @BurgerBeast…"

    Wow, strange you would see it that way. I commented that it would be a popular post after I read it. I though it was a good move to write it.

    "You should probably be asking the @GFTAMiami RT @maybe_baby: @BurgerBeast What's the chisme with all the trucks and GFTA?? Now most of.."

    You're bringing up a Tweet from 3 days ago? You're stretching on this one. I was asked about the deal with the trucks leaving the GFTA, I told her to ask them directly. She did and they responded.

    I'm sorry if you misunderstood or found it cryptic but I wasn't trying to be. Trust me, if I really wanted to I could have crucified them on Twitter, mentioned them by name, added their pics and been way more in depth etc..I wrote this post to answer some questions for those inquiring without taking the National Enquirer approach. I hope it appeases some folks but if doesn't there's not much I can do. There is one thing I've learned in 2 1/2 years of writing this blog, you can't make everyone happy.

  • I really wasn't sure, but it did cross mind it was backhanded. The RT had me erring on the side of sincerity on your part. As it happens, you were right — good hit count on the post.

    No beef,

    Jordan, Beached Miami

  • Wow.. We loved djing the Pinecrest event on Jan 5th. We were optimistic about the opportunity to keep doing this on occasion. The guys of GFTA had brought us on, we were a hit, specially with Wing Commander and Caza Crepes.

    Hopefully DJ 138 and my self DJ Luv will be back out there soon 🙂

  • I think a lot of us felt like it was odd that everyone kept saying "we are no longer affiliated with GFTA" without any explanation. It is just natural that we felt that way. It still feels like there is no clear explanation…is it just that they took credit for events? Anyway, since all that matters is that I get my awesome grilled cheese tomorrow night, I am happy it was no big deal.

  • Massive amounts of vague tweeting from 5+ trucks you follow can get a little annoying. At least some people are finally reporting about it and we're not reading our daily Twitter stream with giant question marks over our heads.

    Also glad this doesn't affect us consumers and that I can relive my deep fried cupcake + pork belly bun + lobster sandwich experience once again.


  • I love this food truck drama in Miami. I'm eating it up! It wouldn't be Miami without the drama. I love BurgerBeast, SoulofMiami, and CafeteriaMedia for commenting honestly. Keep up the blog BB! (I can't wait to unveil my food truck in May, that will travel across the U.S., for a client by the way.)

  • Beast, if this is a blog, why did you remove the comment I posted yesterday? You removed some more too because i remember seeing more comments than this. Aren't you suppose to be un-biased?

  • @Soraya I am. I don't recall what your comment is, but I had to delete a whole bunch of comments all across my page there were causing loading errors. I don't delete comments because I don't agree with them as a matter of fact, if you look around you'll see people attack me on here. And that's fine by me, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • We're in Miami, "S@#T happens". Too much negative energy & negative posting on one subject instead of talking about food. Still dwelling on stuff in the past that we're bored of hearing about. Dosen't paint a nice pic for you or industry. Can we leave the past in the past & talk about food. All this GFTA issues talk is silly because at the end of the day, like they say, "There's 3 sides to every story. Your side, my side & the truth". And no matter how many fingers you want to point in what direction, everyone's missing the point. Let them handle their business & you should stick to what you know best & that's food not gossip column type stuff. Looks ugly & highschool-ish. What i'd love to see on your page & know about is what new places are out there, What you recommend at different restaurants, What's your favorite place to dine, Where will all the different food trucks be, Which is your favorite. All that good stuff that i follow you for! For your "un-biased" opinions on good grub! Thanks. Hopefully no more loading errors.

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