Tonight Is The Filling Station’s 18 Wheeler Challenge On January 29th

The Filling Station Sign - You can't miss it

The Filling Station Sign – You can’t miss it

The first time I laid eyes on the 18 Wheeler I thought, who in their right mind would try to eat it? The 18 Wheeler is made up of 9 burgers, 9 onions rings, 18 slices of cheese and 2 whole pickles with a side of tots. Well, it seems like 2 dudes who are asking for it will race each other to see who can finish their 18 Wheeler first. My money is on the bucket. The Filling Station will also be raffling off some stuff . Good luck to Max & Rusty because you’re going to need it!


January 29th at 5PM 
The Filling Station
95 SE 2nd Street