Sol Kitchen’s Super Bowl Sunday Menu


Vodka & O.J. Simpson Gell-o Shot – caramelized white chocolate
‘Dandy Dons’ Texas Jerky’jax – a SOL Cracka’jax ode to legendary Don Meredith
1st & 10 – Chips & Dip – charred scallion dip ‘aka crack dip’, kettle chips (our Hall of Fame dip!!)

designed plays

Rickey Jackson Roll – Saints shrimp remoulade, crispy capers
Jack Ham’burger – country ham, chuck, peppers & jack cheese, potato rolls
Dan Marino’s Dolphin Taco – smoked mahi, chili~lime slaw


Iron Mike Ditka’s Pastrami Wings – “Da Bears” pastrami brine
Pumper~Nickel Formation Potato Salad – pepperoncini, smoked pistachio

2-minute warning

Jerry Rice Crispy Treats – Big Mike’s southern praline pecans, San Fran’s Irish coffee icing

Each Sol Kitchen package is designed to feed 6 folks for $150 (all menu items above are included). It also includes plates, utensils, paper towels, and delivery within the greater Miami area.Simple directions are included on how to warm up the food. If you’re interested in placing an order with them, make sure to email orders@solkitchenmiami.com . The cutoff time for orders is Thursday, February 3rd at 5PM. Don’t forget to place your order, I already placed mine!