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Blue Willy’s Traditional Southern BBQ – Oakland Park, Florida – CLOSED

Blue Willys Sign

As I got off of my car I could smell the glorious smell of the smoker a good 100 feet from me. Blue Willy’s BBQ is a large trailer, part of which is the smoker brightening up my day. I was with my cousin Chunktronics and after taking a good long look at the menu we order everything.

Blue Willys Trailer

Blue Willys Menu

OK, maybe not everything but almost everything except the Brisket (did sample it though) and Rib Tips. We also decided it would be best to order everything as a “Plate” so that we can try all the sides. There were five sides: Willy’s Pit Smoked Beans, Coleslaw, Fries, Cornbread and Mac n’ Cheese. The fries were nothing special. The Mac n’ Cheese had a nice little bread crumb crust top but I didn’t feel it was cheesy enough. I didn’t try the coleslaw and beans, Chunktronics loved them. The Cornbread is a must have with the little pieces of corn sprinkled throughout.

Mac N' Cheese
Mac N’ Cheese
Cornbread Goodness
Cornbread Goodness

So I won’t have to repeat myself throughout, there was an omnipresent smoke flavor in everything. The homemade Smoked Sausage was served up first in slivers. The Sausage was great and could have easily been a part of a great sandwich with Onions & Peppers. Blue Willy suggested we try mixing both his Tomato and Mustard BBQ sauces with the Chopped Pork sandwich. I loaded up my sandwich with the Mustard Sauce and tried adding a bit of the Tomato one. I could see some folks preferring the mix but I preferred the Mustard Sauce solo.

Homemade Sausage
Homemade Sausage
Sausage Sliver
Sausage Sliver
Carolina Jumbo Chopped Pork Sandwich
Carolina Jumbo Chopped Pork Sandwich
My Pork Sandwich w/ Mustard BBQ Sauce
My Pork Sandwich w/ Mustard BBQ Sauce

The St. Louis Spareribs were Chunktronic’s favorite but for me, nothing was better than the Chicken. It was delicious, it was moist (smokey too!) and it had a White BBQ Sauce. I was not familiar with the existence of a White BBQ Sauce but it’s an Alabama thing according to Willy. I went back and tried everything again with the White Sauce which just confirmed my suspicions. That White BBQ sauce needs to have a permanent home on the condiment shelf in my fridge.

St. Louis Spareribs
St. Louis Spareribs
St. Louis Spareribs
St. Louis Spareribs
Willy's Chicken w/ White BBQ Sauce
Willy’s Chicken w/ White BBQ Sauce
Blue Willy's Brisket
Blue Willy’s Brisket

UPDATE (January 14th, 2014):

Blue Willy’s moved into a restaurant last July (2013) after he was asked to leave his permanent spot in F.t Lauderdale near the Courthouse. Now, you’re out of excuses so just make the drive and eat up. The pictures below will do all the convincing for me.













Another UPDATE (June 2016):

Blue Willy’s closed up shop in Pompano (early May 2016) and re-opened in Oakland Park (June 24th, 2016).

Time To BBQ It Up:

Blue Willy’s Barbecue is CLOSED
1190 E Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334

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  • Finally some Fort Lauderdale goodness. I wonder if he will also be working some of the events and some nighttime locations or if he's only going to be at that new spot near the courthouse.

  • I have eaten at Blue Willy's and it is the best BBQ EVER!!
    Love the pulled pork sandwich and the chicken with white sauce it the bomb.
    I found him at the Woodstock festival in Sunrise.

  • I found Blue Willy's across from the Broward County Courthouse today. Had the chicken with white sauce (to die for!!!!) and mac n cheese (loved it!). Willy is awesome and has the best bbq in Florida. I will follow you anywhere Willy!

  • Blue Willys is the stone cold nuts. There must be better BBQ somewhere but it isn’t in Broward. Not even close. I can’t believe I ever enjoyed Jenkins, it’s got nothing on Willy.

    I chatted him up while I was eating and he gave me a sample(I thought it was a large sample) of Brisket. It was awesome!

  • hello fellow bbq lovers blue willys is a-maz-ing And he as the best southern bbq in the world you might think im exaturating but im not and if you think mac an cheese with corn bred is a wierd combintion you thought wrong and me i dont just say that bvecuase i see willy everyday

  • Hello Beast. Blue Willy’s is on the move again. I believe the new location is 1190 east commercial blvd, fort Lauderdale I guess that is. They say definitely more parking and I’m sure same great food.

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