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SoBe Amstel Light Burger Bash 2011 Recap & Results

Burger Bash 2011 People's Choice

Well, the picture says it all! Michael Symon and B Spot take the Amstel Light People’s Choice Award for the 2nd year in a row. This time his “Yo!” Burger with salami, provolone cheese, pickled onion and ShaSha sauce took top honors. Symon also won Heinz “Best Dressed” Burger for his use of condiments.

Best Dressed
Best Dressed

Marc Murphy (Landmarc) won the Golden Grill award for his Big Marc Burger (all beef burger on homemade black pepper and cheddar bun with spiked ketchup and housemade pickles). This is the judges’ award and handed out for best use of the Allen Brothers meat they were supplied.

Golden Grill
Golden Grill

Last but not least Miami’s Burger and Beer Joint Chef Carlos Barilla won for Best Side Dish with his truffle baked potato salad.

Best Side Dish
Best Side Dish

It’s hard to describe this event someone who hasn’t attended before. If you’re a burger fanatic then this is a must attend event for you. Even if you come hungry you’ll have a difficult time eating all 25 participants’ burgers and the 3 dessert folks’ sweets. This was the 5th year the event has taken place and all the former winners were here (2007: Shake Shack, 2008: Radius, 2009: Good Stuff Eatery and 2010: B Spot). All of our local burger spots did a great job and I didn’t have a bad burger last night. Check out some pics to get your mouth watering for next year’s event. Til then…

Entrance to Burger Nirvana 2011
Entrance to Burger Nirvana 2011
Getting the band back together....
Getting the band back together….
Charm City owners Evan and Michael
Charm City owners Evan and Michael
Charm City's "Kurobuta" Cowboy
Charm City’s “Kurobuta” Cowboy
Ai Fiori/Michael White's The White Label by Pat LaFrieda
Ai Fiori/Michael White’s The White Label by Pat LaFrieda
B Spot's Yo! Burger
B Spot’s Yo! Burger
Good Stuff Eatery's Coletti Smokehouse
Good Stuff Eatery’s Coletti Smokehouse
Ingrid Hoffman with her Delicioso Latin Burger
Ingrid Hoffman with her Delicioso Latin Burger
Chef Jonathan Sawyer's Amstel Light's Winner's Contest Burger
Chef Jonathan Sawyer’s Amstel Light’s Winner’s Contest Burger
The El Mago De Las Frita Familia
The El Mago De Las Frita Familia
El Mago's Frita with Batido de Mamey
El Mago’s Frita with Batido de Mamey
Love Shack's Wild Love (Elk Burger)
Love Shack’s Wild Love (Elk Burger)
Morimoto's Nikomi Burger
Morimoto’s Nikomi Burger
Chef Michael Schwartz
Chef Michael Schwartz
MGFD's Genuine Bacon & Egg Cheeseburger
MGFD’s Genuine Bacon & Egg Cheeseburger
Radius' The Schlow Burger
Radius’ The Schlow Burger
Shake Shack's Zach Koff
Shake Shack’s Zach Koff
Shake Shack's Shack Burger
Shake Shack’s Shack Burger
Town's The "O" Burger
Town’s The “O” Burger
Umami's Umami (squared)
Umami’s Umami (squared)
Village Whisky
Village Whisky

Make sure you check out the Menu for SoBe Burger Bash 2011 and Burger Beast’s coverage of the 2009 and 2010 Burger Bash Events.

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  • The wife and I went last night with another two couples and had a great time. Important tip for next year, "treat this night like a marathon and not a sprint." After about 8 or 9 half or full burgers, I was done. Should have done the take a bite and keep moving strategy.

    On a side note, did you notice how many of the burgers were very rare or barely cooked at all? Reports from this morning showed that three of the six of us got sick last night. I'm wondering how many others had similar stomach problems and if someone needs to look into this for next year. Regardless, this burger fan had a blast!

  • I had a lot of fun at the Burger Bash last night. It was pure burger bliss. Michael Symon's burger was fantastic, an explosion of different flavors. Best moment was when I saw El Mago walking back after the winners were announced and got to give him a pat on the back for a great frita. I was proud of the El Mago booth because they really took advantage of the opportunity to gain exposure with a few giveaways (the beer coozy was awesome!) and real friendly service. If I only could've had the fried egg and cheese (I know, I know…I'm a gringo) on top of my frita… The Beast was holding court in the back sending people to fetch and feed him burgers hahaha!

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